This Smart Bag can charge your Gizmos, sends you its information if you lose it

I always wanted website where I could see real innovation in consumer goods to make life easier for other, Sites like Kickstarter have done just that, we have seen some really EPIC innovation, if you ask me.

You too can gather funds for a project you have all you need is an Idea and an Introductory Video, a lot of products have been possible due to this, on a daily basis quite a few campaigns catch the eye of the biggies and get funded.

This Innovation that we talk about today is a very fashionable travel bag, Phorce, it’s not an ordinary bag, it can charge your Macbook, Smartphone and other USB devices on the go. Usually when you see these type of tools, they compromise the style for the idea, but it’s not the case with Phorce.

Phorce can add an extra 7 hours usage to your Macbook Air or an extra 5 hours of battery life to your Samsung Galaxy S3

It also has an Android and iOS app which connects your phone to the bag and tells you how much power it has got and how many recharges your various devices can go for, also notifies when it’s low on charge.

To one it up further, it even warns your when you’ve left the bag behind at a coffee shop or office, how? via Bluetooth!

The creators need to raise $150k, and if you’re interested in getting involved, head over to the Phorce Kickstarter page when it goes live.

The bag will cost $349, but if you pledge as a supporter you can get it for $219, there are 2 versions, with Phorce USB with 3 USB charging ports and Phorce for Mac with an additional MacBook power port which will cost $449 and available on Kickstarters for $299

The specifications:

  • 54 Wh Battery capacity
  • 3 USB charging ports
  • Bluetooth
  • Phorce app (iOS & Android).
  • Weight:  3.7 lbs / 1.7 kg
  • Dimensions:  W x D x D 18 x 12 x 4 inch (+240 cubic inches when expanded)
  • Padded laptop pocket fits most laptops up to 14-inch, and all MacBooks up to 15-inch.
  • Includes high-speed compact wall charger that fully charges Phorce in 4 hours

via: VentureBeat

The DNetWorks Team