How Google Pakistan and 284 other website were hacked by a Turkish Hacker

The news just coming in is that,,,, and other 280 websites (list below) have been hacked allegedly by Turkish Hackers.

You would ask HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

The answer lies in checking the Name Servers of the website, Name servers are basically the hosts names the domain points to. Clearly, the nameserver here is, which means that the hackers compromised the DNS servers and pointed it to a server where the defacement page was present, Apparently, major chunk of top global brand’s Pakistani version of the websites were defaced.

Why will that happen? Most of them were on the Same registrar, Mark Monitor

There is a chance that the Turkish hackers may have gained access to MarkMonitor servers and have changed the DNS servers.

Another possibility is that the hackers may have used an attack called “DNS Cache Poisoning“, shall be explained soon on The DNetWorks, in order to change the DNS servers.

The exact scenario has not been known yet but this article will be updated as soon as the reason is known.

There have been no group claiming the responsibility for the incident, but the message appearing on the pages was written in Turkish language, hinting the hand of Turkish Hackers in it.

There is only one thing that we could understand on the defaced Pages, “Downed Pakistan”, which is hackers way of rejoicing.

Here is the complete list of websites hacked today, 24th November 2012

The DNetWorks Team