Govt. Of India instructs IPS to blocks Twitter/Facebook profiles WordPress Blogs

It has been learnt that Government of India has instructed ISPs to ban Facebook, Twitter profiles other websites including WordPress blogs ( and more

This has come into effect immediately with reports from various parts of the country coming in about the blockage by various internet services providers including Airtel.

Government had already imposed a ban on sending more than 5 SMS/day after rumour mongering about the North-Eastern being attacked in various parts of the country.

Now even the opinion of users on Social Networks are causing the government to panic and take this immature decisions.

Some of the banned Twitter account include PM0India, a Parody, Prime Minister of India account, which was banned for being a Parody, come’on where is the sense of humour gone?

Other accounts include,  @Dosabandit @barbarindian @MsWeera @sunandavashisht @nationalizer were banned as they were apparently, speaking their heart out on Twitter, most of us generally do that! Well, Twitter *IS* for that.

This has been done in the context of the recent riots in Assam, Mumbai, UP, and the mass movement of people from Bangalore.

EMERGENCY2012, is a new movement(trending hashtag on twitter) by the Twitterverse to protest against this dumb move by the government which points out how  immature our government is, that it is curbing the voice of its own citizens.

Here is an approximation of blocked URL, the entire list if not out yet.

While, I agree that the SMS banning was making sense, blocking people on Social Networks is out of my sane understanding.

But, If the government has blocked these sites under s.69A of the Information Technology Act (“Power to Issue Directions for Blocking for Public Access of Any Information through any Computer Resource”), the persons and intermediaries hosting the content should have been notified provided 48 hours to respond (under Rule 8 of the Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking for Access of Information by Public) Rules 2009). Even if the emergency provision (Rule 9) was used, the block issued on August 18, 2012, should have been introduced before the “Committee for Examination of Request” by August 20, 2012 (i.e., within 48 hours), and that committee should have notified the persons and intermediaries hosting the content.

Here are some pointless blocking from the so-called government:

  1. <img> tags on the website on a page are blocked not even the HTML.
  2. Some of the items they have tried to block do not even exist.
  3. HTTPS versions of most of the blocked content are available, eg. if you wish to go to a blocked twitter profile, all you have to do is add https, eg., although mine isn’t blocked yet, but this is how you do it.
  4. For some YouTube videos, the ‘base’ URL of YouTube videos is blocked, but for other the URL with various parameters (like the “&related=” parameter, URL) is blocked. That means that even nominally ‘blocked’ videos will be freely accessible. Labnol pointed out the YouTube accessibility

While some ISPs have already imposed the ban, other will have to, due to the government orders, so, if you can access something today, there is no guarantee that you can do so tomorrow as well.

Use a Proxy to access everything that is blocked, here is how you can access blocked sites blocked by the government

Your Facebook account might be disabled, your Twitter might get blocked just because you want to speak your mind, on how bad the government has been.

Anonymous has right said:

Check out for some hilarious takes on this by the twitter users, follow #Emergency2012 hashtag on Twitter.

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