Indian Government, ISPs bend down to Anonymous & the Citizens of India, Unblocks torrents, filesharing sites

The Indian Government and ISPs have unblocked the Fire-sharing, torrent and other sites they stated as being pirate-haven, amidst the pressure from Anonymous and the protest organized by them on the 9th of June 2012.

Pervious ISPs and various Indian Government had come under the target list of Anonymous for blocking the above sites in India, Anonymous had attacked quite a few government and ISP sites and also written an Open Letter to the Bloggers and Government of India, we at The DNetWorks joined the caused and started gain popularity from various blogging houses around the globe who later on joined the mission.

We wrote and article of how to bypass the government blocked sites and access them and were under a scanner for being Pro-Anonymous. However, victory has been achieved, thanks to Anonymous.

Responding to the appeal, the Madras High Court declared that the copyright holder can’t demand broad takedowns. So, instead of closing down the entire website, the copyright holder has to list the infringing URL and inform its particulars within 48 hours. After this order was issued late last week, millions of Indians regained access to their favorite file-sharing sites.

We are sure that the copyright holders are disappointed and unhappy with the new restrictions, but tens of thousands of independent artists will be seen rejoicing by this move.

Wonderful move there, what do you think.

The DNetWorks Team