Tweets powered Light show on the London Eye based on the positivity towards Olympics

London Olympics has taken Social Media seriously with Tweeters invited to follow the games and Tweet about it this has to be the first Olympics with the Social Media touch.

EDF Energy, one of the UK’s largest energy company together with Professor Mike Thelwall, from the University of Wolverhampton and a team of MIT graduates will be operating a light by the way the UK tweets.

In Simple Words, EDF Energy will measuring the sentiment in tweets about the games and representing the score using lights on the London Eye.

The project, called “Energy of the Nation”, launched last week in London. It uses a sentiment algorithm, the geo-location tag, IP addresses and the places mentioned in tweets to gauge how Twitter users in the country really feel about the Games.

Each night during the games, the light show which runs from 9 PM to 9:30 PM will start off by illuminating a proportion of the London Eye to represent the percentage of “positive energy” felt towards the Olympic Games. This is calculated using an algorithm which linguistically analyzes tweets about the Games from the U.K. and splits them into positive and negative conversations.

The team behind the project, which include specialists in sentiment analysis, data visualisation and linguistics, has developed a filtering system that will scan Twitter for keywords, Hastags, links, emoticons, etc. related to the Olympics and interpret them as either positive or negative.

So, if the tweet includes a word like “brilliant”, the system will add points (three in this case). If it mentions words like “failure”, the system will minus points (minus 4), specifically for these keywords. Likewise, each keyword will have different weight-age.

The total score for the day, calculated as a percentage, will be shown on the London Eye at 9 PM each night. A 50% positivity score, and only the half of the Eye will illuminate. If it hits 100%, you’ll see a full circle of light.

The nightly show will also play out the high points of the day’s Olympic events in lights — if a British team wins a medal, the Eye will be lit up in white, blue and red lights and echo the Union Jack.

If you’re not in London, here is an Interactive Map that will allow you to monitor UK feeling from where every you in the World.

Source: EDF

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