Facebook testing Trending Video Feature

We reported earlier that Facebook was copying Google+ feature, it added the trending Topic feature a lá Google+’s Hot Topics and now we see a new feature, a Trending Video horizontal Scroller on the timeline on Facebook.

We got a glimpse of the feature why browsing Facebook, not too sure if the update is propagated to every one, however, it is reported that it will be rolling out soon.

This is how the Trending Video Feature on Facebook looks like


So as you can see, there is a option to scroll horizontally and it can shows videos across various platforms and Apps, So if one or two of your friends have viewed an Appified video, it will appear something like about.

I think it’s a great move from Facebook, so the most popular videos go up and the most appealing content is visible to the users all the time.

A big thumbs up to Facebook for this.

The DNetWorks Team