Computer Emergency Response Team India ( taken down by Anonymous

It looks like Anonymous are, men of their words and won’t stop until the censorship of website is removed by the Government of India, We report that Anonymous took down Supreme Court of India and All India Congress website.

Now Anonymous have targeted Computer Emergency Response Team of India ( and has taken it down, this happened yesterday too and the Indian Government denied saying that all the attacks have been mitigated and none of the websites are under attack and they are working fine.



Government were also quoted saying, that the attacks are rumors and since a lot of people are falling for the rumor and going to the website, THAT traffic has made the website inaccesible.

opindia_revenge is in charge of these attacks and has been updating on twitter about these activities, We contacted them since the Media wasn’t responding, we lend our support to spread the word via Social Media.

We have join the cause and the government might even block for supporting Anonymous, but we believe in an Internet free of all prejudices and the government blocking websites isn’t a part of what our generation is about.

If you think the same, please spread the word.

Oh and By the way, here are the List of Government Blocked Websites in India and How to Access them

The DNetWorks Team