Anonymous to attack BJP and Reliance Big Entertainment websites today

We saw a major cannon fire from Anonymous taking down several Indian government website yesterday, some of the websites are still under attack and the note to everyone is, don’t go to the websites that are being attacked to see if they are UP or DOWN, use or similar checking tools or you might give away your IP in the cross-fire.

The news coming in again from the horses mouth is that They will be attacking BJP ( and Reliance Big Entertainment ( today, the attack is likely to happen at 1400 hours IST.

The government has come under heavy cyber attacks from Anonymous since yesterday.

Anonymous says, “Is it just about free internet? NO. Think beyond. Its corruption. Its terror. Its disease. Its poverty. Want more reasons?

Here are some of the crucial information we’ve found

1. Sites hosted on NIC server that can or will be attacked


2. PASSWD file on NIC Server

 3. Leaked Login Information of the NIC Server


We will be posting a few of the ways, not procedures, Anonymous carries out these attacks. Stay tuned.

The DNetWorks Team