Counting and limiting Page Checkins, Scrutinizing Comments, what Next Facebook?

Facebook is introducing a new way of how people checkin to your Business page, before, all checkins counted in the “were here” total. In the future, Facebook will only count one check-in every 12 hours from the same user. Meaning even if a user checkins multiple times in 12 hours it will be counted as once. The change means that many businesses will soon look less popular, because check-in counts are one of the stats that Facebook shows to all Page visitors.


Facebook is sending out emails which reads

We are revising check-in numbers on Facebook pages to give you a more accurate picture of how people are visiting your business. Among these changes, previously, if an individual checked into your business multiple times, each check-in was counted into your Page’s total check-in number. Now, if someone checks into your business multiple times within a 12-hour period, that action will be counted as one unique check-in.

In addition, when people tag their friends at a location and upload a photo, those photo tags will be counted more holistically. For example, if 20 photos were uploaded to an album at a specific location, we’ll now count that as a single check-in. If Jessica checks into a location and tags five friends in the photo she uploads with her check-in, the total check-ins number will be six — Jessica plus her five friends.

Comment Scrutinizing

One of our fellow blogger and Facebook friend Shiva Chettri, just discovered that Facebook is scrutinizing each and every comment, FREAKY as it gets, of course, there is no human intervention, but who knows. Here is the warning he get while, commenting on an update.

He argued, “I am wondering what exactly is suppose to be irrelevant and inappropriate according to this…. and then there is always the chances that something which is irrelevant in one case may not be in the does Facebook check that?”

We are in complete agreement with Shiva, how does Facebook decide what is relavent and what isn’t. We don’t think Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence can detect conversion and mark it spam accurately, well, not for now at-least.


What do you guys think about the new Facebook changes, are you find with Facebook tracking your every move, doesn’t matter if it’s public or private?

via: MarketingLand

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