Delete Photos from Photostream, update to iOS 5.1

One of the better off features of the recently annouced iOS 5.1 at the Apple Media event that happened on March 7, which marked the release of The New iPad.

Getting back to our topic for this article, the great news is the long awaited feature of deleting Photos and Videos from the iCloud Backed up photostream album is here.

After the update of your iDevices to the iOS 5.1 you can delete photo easily from the Photostream album on your iPhone.

Nitesh Patel, One of our valuable readers informed about us as soon he updated the his iPhone with the latest operating system offering from Apple.

How to delete photos from Photostream on iPhone and iPad

All you have to do after upgrading the OS is, go to Photostream Album on your iPhone.

Hit the menu Button at the top right and Viola! There you see the prey!

Select the photos that you wish to delete and hit the delete button at the button right.


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The DNetWorks Team