TweeterADay365 by @RoycinD

What do you get a when you combine a Passionate Professional Photographer and Digital Media Enthusiast? TweeterADay365 or more commonly known as #TAD365, RoycinD, 20 something, a Professional photographer has been roaming around the country (India) clicking pictures of interesting people from various walks of life on Twitter. He call this unique project #TAD365.

The idea is simple, he explains, “I’ll be putting up “One picture of One Person from Twitter, a day.” This will give me a chance to put a face on those handles I’ve been following for the last 1 year, and of course, a free portrait with a unique Identity.”


courtesy RoycinD Photography and

Roycin own a Nikon D7000 with some MIND Blowing gears, if you are interested you can check it here. We don’t wish to get into the celebrity shots he has got for #TAD365, because this is about finding interesting people than following the ones you know.

He specializes in Concert & Live Photography and shoots almost all genres including Music Portraits, Concert, Events, Weddings, Candid, Street, Documentary, Travel, Nature, Food, Erotica, & Fine Art.

The DNetWorks Team