Prevent Facebook from tracking user data with Tinfoil on Android

We posted an article about Facebook tracking user data even when the users are not logged on and also suggested how to keep off Facebook from your private data in the same article. Facebook has denied all allegation saying they use tracking cookies only to personalize content and make the social networking site more secure, but you know you can’t trust them.

That was for desktop what if you are browsing Facebook on your cell phone, one developer has created an Android app called Tinfoil for Facebook that creates a sandbox for Facebook’s mobile site to protect your privacy and to avoid them from tracking your browsing history.





Tinfoil for Facebook is for the Android users who prefer to access Facebook through the mobile site [highlight color=”blue”][/highlight] instead of the Facebook app. You can have the stock browser for surfing the web and using Tinfoil for Facebook to access Facebook’s mobile site only.

Of-course you can have a separate broswer to access Facebook, but what if there is already a provision made by Facebook to access it.

Besides, Tinfoil for Facebook is very light, just 65KB

As we always say, Fire up your Barcode Scanner for Android and point it to the QR code, thank us later 🙂


The DNetWorks Team