Water/Tea/Coffee/Cola Spilled on my Laptop, What are the steps I need to Follow

No matter how cautious we are, accidents are bound to happen.  You might keep your desk very clean and free of any kinds of liquid but it may happen that you accidentally end up spilling something on your laptop.
As we know that laptops are electronic devices which have extensive mesh of wiring on PCBs inside it. There are many electronic devices inside the laptop and any or all of them can get damaged by the liquid which got spilled.

Liquid can damage the laptop permanently. The best remedy is to not eat or drink while you are working on your laptop, but we know how difficult it is to stop yourself drinking coffee, cola, or water while you work, so given below are some actions which you can take if something spills on your laptop to avoid further damage to its electronic components.

1.  Shut it off the Laptop Immediately:

Turn off the laptop as quickly as possible and take out the battery. Also disconnect the speaker, mouse, and all other cables connected to your laptop.

2. Trying removing the Liquid

Put your laptop upside down to remove as much liquid as possible. You can shake it a little but not much. Keep on wiping the liquid so that it does not go inside again. Turn it well so that the liquid comes out quickly.

3. Dry it

If you have something important to be done then this is the time to arrange for some other computer or laptop because your laptop would need a decent amount of time to dry itself. Leave your laptop in a dry place so that the liquid evaporates. Please do not turn on the laptop during this time and also DO NOT use hair dryer to dry the laptop.

4. Open the Laptop

Contact a Computer Expert or if you are savvy enough, after you have given good amount of time to your laptop for drying itself, you can open it from behind to check the status. Use a soft cloth to wipe any kind of residue. You can use a small fan for drying it further, and please do not open your laptop if it is within warranty.

5. Reassemble it

Now it’s a good time to tighten all the screws back, cross your fingers and turn the laptop ON. Your laptop should start and work as before otherwise you need to get it repaired.


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