How to Secure your PC – Tips and Tricks

We have previously listed an article about the Tools used to Stay invisible on the internet, here we are again with some tips to secure your PC.

With the increasing number of internet users, it is now becoming important for all computer users to keep their system secure from spyware and  malware on the web. A lot of internet security companies have developed different security software to protect users’ computers from network attacks, malware, adware et. al. However an  antivirus or internet security might not always protect and secure your system, as there are thousands of new virus and  trojans being created everyday. You need to follow a few more tips to fully secure your system from any kind of harm or dangerous activities.

Use Original Software only

We know it will cost you money but if you are serious about your system and the data stored in your hard drive, then don’t use any pirated or illegal software. Use the original one so that you can get support from the developer.



Use a well known Anti-Virus, research before you install

Using a trial and/or free Zonealarm anti virus can protect your system but for a limited time and limited area. Virus, Threats, Malware, Worms and Trojans can attack your system any time. So be sure that you have a fully activated and genuine antivirus or internet security software installed in your computer. Also some internet researching is important before you choose a solution.



Scan External Drives before using them

Don’t ever open any external device like USB Thumb drive, Memory Cards, Hard Drive or any Discs. It may contain  worm, trojans or spyware that can put your system in danger. If you don’t scan the external device and plug in to your system, there is a possibility that you system can get infected. You can lose your important data in a few minutes. Therefore, always scan external devices using a good anti-virus.



Avoid Downloading unsigned Apps

If your internet security software is restricting a file from downloading, then you must not do this. Software companies are now getting very smart and use different tactics to jump into your system for a purpose and get benefits from you. Don’t trust on every application, let your Operating System and anti-Virus Software decide whether these application are good for your system or not.



Turn Off File Sharing

Always turn off file sharing, because a smart hacker can jump into your system and steal your data. He/she can even use your internet and system to surf the web and perform suspicious activities. In simple words, he can use your IP address to surf the web and hide his/her own identity. In short he/she can put your identity in risk.


Select a web browser which is less vulnerable

The major source of insecurity is the web browser, therefore one must cautiously choose on the web browser which is less vulnerable. Disable the scripts so that the security is at the peak.



Close the open port , perform penetrate testing and intrusion detection software

Closing the ports would not let hackers use the ports to get the access of the system. The penetration test also helps in scanning the system for any possible and potential threats. The intrusion detection software check on any kind of interruptions.


Dhawal D