Watch DLF – IPL 2011 Live Online.

Guys, India has won the World Cup 2011 and now it’s time for the IPL (Indian Premier League), where now 10 teams will battle it out for the trophy, yes, there have been additional 2 team this year. Kochi Tuskers Kerala and Sahara Pune Warriors are the newest Entrants to this year’s IPL.


Teams for the IPL



Now, we have already posted the schedule for the IPL 2011, and here we are with a Link to watch it online.

You can visit here and watch the match live streaming in HQ. We can we say, it would be great to watch it on the go, probably on your Phone or on a Tablet with the awesome 3G speeds.

The days of the transistors and portable TV with National Channel’s are over I guess, now is the internet age, the Technology Age, so make the most of it.

Dhawal D

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