Get Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans for FREE in Minutes

A website called Twiends, gives you Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans and Website visitors in Minutes.

Now once you go on the website, you will get an idea of how to go about getting followers, you need to connect it with your Facebook and Twitter account, additionally you can also add your website and Youtube accounts there to get hits.

Now there is a traditional way of using Twiends and then there is Dhawal Damania’s Way of using it! đŸ˜‰

Well, yeah, there is a twist in using it my way.

I’ve found a tool that can automate the whole Twiend Process and can generate credit for your there, which can be used to get more Followers on Twitter and Facebook.


It can  generate  about 50 credits every 5 min. (Depends on how much is offered)


1) Twiend Account (Get it here)
2) Facebook Account
3) Twiends Tool (Open-Source)
Download Here||Mirror 1||Mirror 2

Step 1


Sign Up or Login to

Connect with your Facebook Account.


Step 2

Setting The Workspace

Step 2

Open the Facebook tab. (Shown above by 1)

Click On the twiend button. (Shown above by 2)


Step 3

Open The Software

Step 3

When the small white screen appears

Open the Tool from the Installation directory. (Shown above by 3)


Step 4

Set the auto-clicks in a sequence

Step 4

This is the main part which does the magic.

Drag the tool to the right side of the window (just to free some space!)

Now with the tool window selected hover the cursor over the position A (twiend button) and hit Space(keyboard button), then to B (facebook tab>>Center of F) and hit Space, then to C (like button) Space, and finally to D where it says “Ok, i like the page, let’s move on” (you must hit space when the cursor is over the “like the”).

You must do this in this exact sequence. i.e (A>>B>>C>>D)

You are done setting the locations. Just don’t hit Space anymore.


Step 5

Setting The Parameters

Step 5

When Step 4 is complete the XY list will have 4 parameters.

Set the Click Interval to 5000ms(=2sec) depending on the type of the internet connection.
When you’re ready hit Start.
To stop press Esc, To pause press Pause button.

The sequence A,B,C,D have been tested to work 24×7. It will click on all fan page buttons of the current page and even Reload the next page for auto-click.

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Okay, Okay, a quick FAQ here,

Is it Legal?
Yes, of course. It basically only replicates what otherwise would be done manually.

How much does the software cost?
Nothing, its free to use.




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