Android Malware Warning, Don’t download these Apps!

Apparently hackers are downloading apps, re-compiling and injecting some popular app titles with malware that roots your phone, sends all your information out and otherwise hurts your Android phone. 21 popular apps have been infiltrated and downloaded nearly 200,ooo times.

Google has reportedly removed the 21 known offenders however it’s unclear if that 21 number is the final number of infected apps.

Apps released by developers under the names Kingmall2010?, we20090202?, and   Myournet  contain the DroidDream malware and have been pulled from the Android Market. Google is also remotely removing infected apps as well.  Lookout Mobile Security has a list of all of the apps that have been pulled. The apps reportedly could compromise a user’s personal data.

The malware was discovered by a user named  Lompolo on the popular news aggregation site Reddit. The user noticed that the developer of one of the malicious apps had posted pirated versions of legitimate apps under the developer name Myournet. Lookout also said that it identified a large number of other apps that also contain the DroidDream malware and it is working with Google to get those apps removed. You should use an antivirus for your phone like this mobile Security to protect your phone from these malwares. Lompolo found that two suspicious apps had been created in a way that allows them to break out of an Android app’s security sandbox, which isolates code to prevent security breaches. A blogger at Android Police verified that they contain code that can steal a user’s sensitive information.


The Threat

Multiple applications available in the Official Android Market were found to contain malware which could compromise a significant amount of personal data. More than 50 applications have been found to be infected with a new type of Android malware called DroidDream.


Who is affected?
Anyone who has downloaded the apps listed below may be affected.

Full list of infected applications published by Myournet :

  • Falling Down
  • Super Guitar Solo
  • Super History Eraser
  • Photo Editor
  • Super Ringtone Maker
  • Super Sex Positions
  • Hot Sexy Videos
  • Chess
  • ????_Falldown
  • Hilton Sex Sound
  • Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls
  • Falling Ball Dodge
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Dice Roller
  • ????
  • Advanced Currency Converter
  • App Uninstaller
  • ????_PewPew
  • Funny Paint
  • Spider Man
  • ???

Full list of infected applications published by Kingmall2010?:

  • Bowling Time
  • Advanced Barcode Scanner
  • Supre Bluetooth Transfer
  • Task Killer Pro
  • Music Box
  • Sexy Girls: Japanese
  • Sexy Legs
  • Advanced File Manager
  • Magic Strobe Light
  • Panzer Panic
  • Mr. Runner
  • Advanced App to SD
  • Super Stopwatch & Timer
  • Advanced Compass Leveler
  • Best password safe

Full list of infected apps under the developer name we20090202?:

  • Finger Race
  • Piano
  • Bubble Shoot
  • Advanced Sound Manager
  • Magic Hypnotic Spiral
  • Funny Face
  • Color Blindness Test
  • Tie a Tie
  • Quick Notes
  • Basketball Shot Now
  • Quick Delete Contacts
  • Omok Five in a Row
  • Super Sexy Ringtones



So, if you have downloaded any of the above apps, you may run a risk of Infection.

For now, Google has brought the apps down from the Android Market, however if you have install it, try un-installing them, We will keep you posted on the advancements.


Dhawal D