iPad 2 and it’s Competitors: Comparision

SO, the Ipad 2, is out with all the exciting features.

At Wednesday’s iPad Event, Apple took some time to revel in the success of the original iPad. The company sold nearly 15 Million iPads in 2010. Also, Apple says it dominates the emerging tablet space, holding 90% of the market.

Steve Jobs, didn’t lose the opportunity to take a dig on the competitors, by calling them, “Copy Cats”.

Of course, with iPad 2, things are a bit different. Apple no longer has the luxury of being the only game in town as competitors from across the consumer electronics space prepare to take on the incumbent.

Here is an infographics by Mashable portraying, the competition iPad 2 has in 2011



Also, what do you think about the other options that are available.


Dhawal D