iDisplay: Turn your Android Phone to a Secondary Display

The iPhone and iPad have been having the software for quite a while now, iDisplay converts your Android phone into a secondary display to your Desktops, Laptop and Macs.

As of today, Sharp Services is bringing that whole capability right on the Android Market and you can download this one for the price of 4.99 USD  here.

The cool thing about this is, you can also sync your monitor even you have a Windows platform. This application is ideal for users who want to bring their desktop interface into a mobile one such as browsing social-media applications or other programs. While the iDisplay for Android is still on V. 1.0 and it doesn’t bring a new mobile interface  other than porting a display, it really fits the job well if you only want to view your files in your mobile from your computer. If you need help setting this up, the Pc repairs Ipswich site is now live to help.

The app allows you to extend the display to drag and drop items from one screen or the other. You can also completely duplicate your display on the Android device. That might be the perfect way to keep an eye on software that your smartphone can’t run directly. The app supports both portrait and landscape modes.


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