Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) partners with Foursquare to give you discounts

How about a discount on your next bill? Or better, how about a free coffee? Cafe Coffee Day, your fave hangout is now on foursquare.

Every time I used to checkin to the various venues using Foursquare people used to ask me whats the whole point of Foursquare when there is no physical incentive involved.

Well, Now it is.

Coffee Day has announced today that they have started rolling out  Foursquare Specials in all their Bangalore outlets from last Thursday i.e. 17th Feb 2011.

On your third check-in at CCD (applicable only for Bangalore),  you get a 15% discount.  And if you are the Mayor of that particular venue, CCD will serve you a free coffee and a 20% discount on every 3rd check-in.

Besides, Cafe Coffee Day is the first Indian brand on Foursquare to have their own Brand Page (

Figgin Awesome, isn’t it?

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Dhawal D

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