15 Awesome unusual USB Powered Devices

So you might be like most people, spending all day working in your room or cubicle with the same old stuff plugged into your USB ports. Well today we have put together a list of USB powered devices to help you step outside the box.

1.USB Rechargeable AA Batteries

    1. Instead of paying for extra batteries or for a hefty recharging station, save yourself some money and buy some USB rechargeable batteries. Just pop the top, plug them in, and there you go.

Chargeable aa batteries just charge them through your usb port

2.USB Mini Fridge

    1. This super mini fridge has enough room for a single beverage for those nights when you just can’t pull yourself away from the computer.


3.USB Cup Warmer, Vacuum Cleaner and Flexible Mini Lamp

    1. This multi-gift set features a mini-vaccuum, a cup warmer, and a desk lamp for when you need to respectively clean up your desktop, keep your coffee hot, and see in the dark.

4.Wireless USB PC Remote

    1. Perfect for when you need to give a presentation on your computer, this remote allows you to control it from a distance and direct the viewer’s attention with the built-in laser pointer.

USB multimedia remote with laserpointer

5.USB Pencil Sharpener

    1. A must have for any office worker or sketch artist. This USB pencil sharpener also includes an internal blue LED.

need a new point to your pencil? this USB port Pencil Scharpener will do the trick for you.

6.USB Powered Flexible Fan

    1. This easily operable mini-fan comes with a positionable 30cm flexible metal wire. Easy to use on those super hot days.

BOYNQ MISTRALFanBK Mistral USB Fan (Black)

7.Fly Fusion Pentop Computer

    1. This revolutionary USB tool is a handheld pen-like computer capable of many different kinds of functions. Ideal as a learning instrument, the tool can recognize gestures and reacts to various writings, which it can scan and digitize.

8.USB Cooler Cushion

    1. If you sit in a leather chair for several hours a day like the average office worker, then you know how hot and sweaty it can get, especially in the hot season. Well this cooler cushion solves that problem by keeping your seat nice and cool.

9.USB Powered Foot Warming Slippers

    1. Do your feet get cold? Are normal slippers not enough? Planning on being near a computer? Then use these USB powered slippers to keep your feet warm. As long as you stay within cable range of your PC, you’re good to go.

USB Warmer Slippers

10.USB Powered Toothbrush

        1. Most electric toothbrushes these days come with a bulky recharging station that you have to plug into the wall. That’s not a problem anymore, as these USB toothbrushes plug directly into your USB port.

Want to maintain your oral hygiene? Click on the following and add this to your post brushing routine to reduce cavities.

usb electric toothbrush

11.USB Humidifier

    1. This humidifier generates cool, moisturizing steam using ultrasonic waves in order to make breathing much more comfortable. Also includes an aroma oil add-on to add your favorite fragrance to the air.

12.USB Digital Microscope

    1. This microscope allows you to view objects up to 200x. With the included plug and play software, you can also record your viewings in still frame images or in full video.

Dino Digital microscope

13.USB Powered Aquarium

    1. Contains life-like animated fish that can be fed and played with via an interactive menu. Also has a blue LED nightlight and flowing water current.

USB Interactive Aquarium

14.USB Powered Dart Launcher

    1. This USB dart launcher can be aimed and launched with the included control software. Comes with three foam darts and has a range of 15 feet.

15.The USB Doorbell

    1. You can choose what songs play when someone pushes the doorbell button with this USB Doorbell. It plays music in both MP3 and WMA format.

The USB doorbell

I hope you like our list of USB Powered Devices
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