How To Install Cydia Apps on iPhone without Wi-Fi – Tutorial

A jailbroken iPod Touch or iPhone cannot be fully maximized without installing Cydia apps. Apps like  Winterboard, AppSync, etc. can make your  iPhone, iPod Touch much better. There’s a catch though, you need Wifi to install these apps.

cyder-no-wifiAnd what do you do if you don’t have a Wireless router in proximity? Don’t install them, NO, as we say, NEVER SAY NEVER, jokes apart here is a way you can do it.

There is a Windows application called  Cyder 2 which allows you to download Cydia Apps on your machine and sync it to your iPhone &  iPod Touch via USB.

Cyder is a Cydia manager for PC. It lets you download  Cydia  apps from your PC and install the apps to iPhone over USB. Cyder is a free application but it works on Windows only.

Install Cydia Apps on iPhone and iPod Touch Using Cyder

Follow these step by step guides to install Cydia apps on iPhone & iPod Touch using Cyder via PC.

1.  Download Cyder 2 and extract the zip file to a folder on your desktop (download link at bottom).

2. Next connect your  iPhone or iPod Touch to your PC, double click to launch Cyder2.exe file. Let Cyder 2 detect your iDevice and show it in it’s status bar.

3. Than in the Sources tab, click Get sources from Cydia’. Cyder 2 will start to copy the list of all Sources from your iPhone.

cyder2 app

4. Once the list of Sources is added to Cyder 2, click the  Start button at the top to download all Sources to your Computer.

5. After all the sources are downloaded, go to the  Packages tab. Here you can either browse the Cydia apps by choosing a Source and Section or simply search by keywords.

6. Right click on the desired app and select  Download with dependencies. Repeat this step for all the apps you want to download and install on your iDevice.

cyder2 iphone

7. Next go to the  Downloads tab. Select all those who want to install on your iDevice and Right click and select  Download Selected. Than Cyder 2 will download the apps to your Computer.

cyder2 iphone wifi

8. Once the downloads are done, go to the  File Manager tab, and select the Cydia AutoInstall’tab in the right panel. Then right click on all selected apps and choose Copy Selected‘ . When asked for confirmation, click Yes. You should see the debian package in the right panel, once the copy is complete.

cyder2 iphone app

Now you are done, Now reboot your iPhone or iPod Touch, launch the Cydia, go to the Manage tab, tap Packages and you should find them in the list of installed apps.

8 Easy Steps? aren’t they?

Go ahead, enjoy your iPhones

Dhawal D