Facebook Dismisses March 15 Shut Down Rumours

The rumor of Facebook’s demise is a bit premature.

A rumor that Facebook would close on March 15 spread quickly this weekend on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the blogs, but the company has come out to state that they have no intention of shutting down.

“The answer is no, so please help us put an end to this silliness,” Larry Yu, director of corporate communications for Facebook, told  Mashable . “We didn’t get the memo about shutting down and there’s lots to do, so we’ll just keep cranking away like always.”

Facebook also posted that they are staying in business on  Twitter .

According to Mashable the rumour stated CEO Mark Zuckerberg “wants his old life back” and desires to “put an end to all of the madness.”

The  Daily Mail reported that some news agencies are pointing to Weekly World News for originally starting the rumour. That publication reportedly quoted Zuckerberg as saying Facebook had “gotten out of control and the stress of managing this company has ruined my life.”

Tens of thousands of people responded, be moaning the closure of what days before had been revealed as America’s most visited website in 2010. It spread through Facebook as well as micro-blogging site Twitter, a common destination for Facebook complaints.

The blog  Urlesque.com said a microsite popped up saying Facebook would shut down and telling people to hit the ‘Like’ button to read more. A click provided no additional information but the rumor spread, becoming one of the weekend’s top Google searches.

Mashable said the rumour spread just days after Facebook announced it had received $450 million worth of funding from Goldman Sachs and $50 million from Russian investment firm Digital Sky Technologies.

“The fact that this absurd hoax spread so efficiently makes us wonder: Will people believe anything?” Mashable questioned.

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