Review – Apple Watch Stands: Spigen S330 vs Olixar Bamboo Stand

Apple watch is a polished product and like others among the company’s small product profile is a unique product in its own right. For a unique product you need quality accessories that go with it and hence stands and docks make sense for two reasons: they keep metal and metal-accented bands from getting scuffed up, and guarantee a stable charging connection all night long. Some stands also serve as beautiful displays for your Watch, as well. That’s why we’ve chosen two of the best apple watch stands that we came across recently.


Spigen S330 Apple Watch Stand – Aluminum

Priced at $27.49


Made out of flexible TPU and premium aluminum that makes a stable stand for your precious apple watch.

A minimal lightweight design that measures 4 inches by 2.5 inches at its base and 4 inches in height. It is small and convenient enough to be placed on a small or cluttered desk. Most of the body is made of metal though where the apple watch connects to the charger is covered with TPU rubber to avoid scratching the watch. The surface of the stand is conveniently angled at a 45 degree to make viewing the watch while charging possible.

Unlike other Apple watch stands you will have to supply your own magnetic charging cable for this stand. The one that comes in the box with the watch is fine or you can pick one up from the market.

Setting up this stand is simple, just feed the cable through the circle cutout and you’re good to go.

Why buy

  • Dock and charge your Apple Watch
  • Display your Apple Watch
  • Crafted from brushed aluminium
  • Rubberized TPU headpiece to prevent scratches
  • Cable cut-out for tidy cable management
  • Designed specifically for the Apple Watch
  • Easy to carry around

Olixar Charging Apple Watch Bamboo Stand with iPhone Dock 

Priced – $30.99


Olixar is one of the shining stars of mobile phone accessories. The Bamboo stand and it literally means that, because its carved out of a bamboo piece, has a minimalistic wooden design that has a larger space to dock your iphone 5 or above alongside your Apple watch docking space. The precise measure of the circular charging port means that the inductive charger sits comfortably there and as a result simply placing your apple watch there means enough to begin the charging process. Getting the cables in the right place is a little tricky yet achievable because you can have two charging cables routed to charge both your phone and your watch.

Why buy

  • Great choice of material.
  • Lovely minimalism.
  • Supports Apple Watch and iPhone.
  • Inexpensive

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