How “The internet of things” will change the world?

“The Internet of Things is not a concept; it is a network, the true technology-enabled Network of all networks.” Edewede Oriwoh

IoT development is just like a giant structure who is affected by the chemicals (Internet) and keeps on increasing and increasing, actually, it’s beyond the imagination. By 2020, there will be tens of billions of data-mushroomed devices connected to the Internet. And, they are changing the way, how we live and work.

The Internet of Things is actually a technological concept that is far from the layman’s perception. It is solely internet and internet. Today, the internet is so deeply involved that our lives are nothing without it. Whatsapp is the massive and most prominent illustration of the prevailing environment. Without Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, life remains static. It’s like the digital world has transformed into the ubiquitous one. It’s a snippet of the artificial intelligence, where the objects seek to more intelligent in order to operate on their own like the Robots.

It’s a sweet concept where things interact with each other in the future… is the Internet of Things.


What is the IoT?

Internet of Things refers to the interconnection of the devices through the uniquely identifiable embedded computing network.

So, are you ready to feel the essence of seeing the objects talking with each other!

Components of IoT:

  1. The objects or assets
  2. The connecting channel
  3. The computing systems that make data flow to and fro

Accent of IoT:

The Internet of Things is a scenario where the physical things, including living beings, are embedded with the microprocessors in order to interact with them over the Internet. The virtual things make their way into our normal life.

  • It has also enabled the development of the smart products.
  • It makes consumers lives more convenient.
  • The best part is that it can direct interact with the smart products without any intervention of the marketers.
  • Acquiring any product details, operation manuals, the customer care information, etc.
  • Moreover, you can plan your own tasks and save money and your treasured time.

Perks of the Internet of Things:

  1. Smart devices with individual IP:

Smart devices get smarter. The smart devices with their individual IPs…! Sounds great!!! So cool it is…! You know what by 2020, more than 30 billion connected “things” will be mushroomed with the individual IP. And, most of them are wireless. Such a huge data…! It is our future, the great future.

How this vast data can be managed? It can be easily managed with the distributed “cloud services” and “big data” computer facilities.

  1. Transport and Mobility:

PARKING, TRANSPORT… It is the biggest crunch in most of the cities. This congestion could be curtailed in an IoT-enabled city, as wireless sensors in the parking lot could direct connected cars to an available space and initiate the payment.

Hope for the smart car, which has also its own sensor. As an illustration, when the driver is away for a break, it can itself call the mechanic, utilizing the parking details to change the oil. It’s like impossible! Fingers crossed!!! 

  1. Health Care and Smart Homes:

Hospitals and the other care centers would especially need it very substantially. Assume the hospital with the sensors, where everything is automatic. Doctors, nurses or the cleaners can be alerted at the time of the need. All activities are monitored and taken into account.

This IoT will bring more independence and can live longer (as they wish) at the homes. At the same time, their families are assured of their safety and well being. This all due to IoT (the wireless sensors throughout the house). An alert message is automatically seen whether there is a cause of concern.

  1. Stay Connected:

As stated by the researchers- “The IoT is defined as the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing internet infrastructure.”

It’s like Nokia… Connecting People…! LOL. The objects are interconnected with some kind of sensor and network communication functionality. WOW to the upcoming world with all things involuntarily connected and talking like the humans. So, wait for the talkative article. 

  1. Enable smarter business operations:

Okay… you are seeing the today’s digital world. The phenomenal speed, it’s growing. So, what will happen in the next few years? The business model is going to be transformed entirely with the IoT. This snippet of the digital world can be attached to every single object, from the yogurt to the cement in the bridges, then record and send data back into the cloud.

  1. More enhanced Reality:

The Internet of Things would also make the augmented reality apps more accurate. Today, the GPS and other apps are in vogue. With the onset of the IoT, many new monitoring sensor devices will be used in order to create a wireless ambience. Moreover, location-aware objects and even people would be clearly marked and tagged.

Imagine, you are playing the games with the human as your rival. Sounds thrilling!!! 

  1. It naturally lends itself to big data:

Let’s understand this topic with the three elements: Volume, Variety, Velocity.

  • Volume: For the IoTor sensor data, obviously, you need the vast storage as compared to today. This will also handle IoT easily. J
  • Variety: Billions of data formats are used, mainly binary or compressed textual formats. A single platform which uses all these is one and only IoT.
  • Velocity: The transmission rate is high in some of the devices. Need not to worry. IoT is here. J
  1. Improve efficiency:

A survey has stated that by 2018, the total cost of ownership for the business operations will be reduced by 30% through smart machines and industrialized services.

It’s good… right! The smart devices with the monitoring sensors are to be used in the upcoming future. And this will benefit the website owners as well as the individuals too. Hence, the efficiency, proficiency, competence, efficacy will be enhanced significantly.

Over to you… Pitch your ideas about the Internet of Things.

Excited to see the assets, converting into the talking robots…!!!

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