How to Make Instagram Bleed Money

In case you’re not moving with the world, Instagram is arguably one of the best social media networks around. This is largely due to its amazing function of turning any photo taken from your smart phone into something special with the aid of special effects.


Like, its other fellow tools such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, Instagram started out as a fad between online and social media users. It wasn’t until a few years later that it became an important marketing tool not just for professional companies, but for the common folk as well.

That’s right! You can easily make good money right even the comforts of your own house hold with Instagram. The internet has made earning a few dollars in your spare time really easy. Did you know you can even get paid for taking surveys? To let you in on this money making racket, here’s what you have to do:

Yield the power of hashtags 

Utilize the omnipresent powers of the internet through hashtags. Be sure that every photo you share with your target audience contains about two or three hashtags in order to drive traffic towards your brand.

However, you have to ensure that it is in sync with whatever you are promoting in your pictures. It must also be broad so that it shows up in at search engine results almost every time.

Offer something to your followers

If you want more customers coming for your products, you must give them something that will wet their appetites. Apart from being literal and referring to meals from fast food chains, we specifically something like a discount package or an exclusive sale.

This works well for fashion lovers so you might as well work on planning for a good campaign yourself to see how it works.

Produce quality content 

Remember that if you want to establish a future for yourself as an entrepreneur, you need to go beyond standards. By that we mean you aim for quality approved content instead of settling for something amateur. This means that your photos mustn’t appear grazed or completely saturated with light and such.

The quality of your videos must be top-notch, and to the point that the visitors get to see the product in a crystal clear manner.

Build a strong fanbase

You will need to establish a market first before you can even think about doing a business of any kind. With that in mind, you must identify the niche that you are going with and the target audience that your products are aimed towards.

You must also interact with your followers in order to tell them what you’re selling them. Use picturesque pictures and videos to further get your point across.

Use different cameras at your disposal 

The camera embedded in your smart phone isn’t the only thing that’s going to get you those digits. If you want to scale the peak of the competition, you need to take extraordinary risks. By this, we mean that you must invest in quality level cameras.

Yes it may be expensive, as most of them are, but you will be doing your business a good heap of service in the end.

Sell your stuff online  

For the moment, Instagram lacks a “buy” feature from its present build so you’re going to have to use a different portal for such things. There are some amazing online services that can help you out with that such as Twenty20 and Instaprints. you can also get help with your finances by ira investing and saving up money at the same time, to avoid getting broke.

These sites will handle all of the printing and the selling; however you will get about 20 percent of the sale since they are the ones handling the hard part. If you can’t deal with that then you may as well set up your own online store.

About the Author: Rachelle Scott

Rachelle is a writer, blogger, social media marketing and trend analyst at Dissertation Corp. Monitoring trends and extracting what works best for the industry and what doesn’t is what ticks her interest. When not working, she loves reading and watching Soaps.

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