How can Android aid you in exploring the power of search?

With Android mobile applications development becoming one of the most talked-about mobile operating systems, more and more entrepreneurs are choosing the same for gathering the attention of targeted audience. Google, the creator of Android has paved way for making people’s life easier by helping them search for things in a single attempt. Google Search has made lives simpler, whether it’s via an Android app or via the web search feature. Google, also called as a search engine giant can save you a lot of time in searching for information that’s of use to you. Keep on reading this blog as I bring to you the assets of Android which allow you to dig deep for information that’s both updated and relevant.

Android apps fetch you expected search results faster


If you’re looking forward to spending your forthcoming vacations out of station but can’t remember the name of a good holiday spot, Android app is the tool that will serve as your guide. You simply need to enter the name of the country/state you’re flexible visiting and the app will serve you results as per the entered criteria. Search being the core feature on Android allows you to get data that is absolutely related to the stuff you’re looking for. And, the best part of Android’s search feature is that it populates results within few fractions of seconds.


Android serves multiple methods of searching


Still there’s a good majority of Android users which isn’t familiar with the plethora of search techniques available in their devices usually offered by every reputable Android Development Company. Well, ranging from the built-in search settings and tools to the third-party apps, Android has everything that’s required for making the act of searching a complete breeze. You can choose to configure the default Quick Search Application in your Android device. Moreover, you may also opt for adding search widgets or installing the free ‘Gesture search’ app which will make searching even more flexible and comfortable.


Android renders a consistent search experience for users

Android leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that its users are able to search for data irrespective of whether the same is available on their device or over the internet. Hence, Android serves as a well-organized search framework that helps you undertake search activity in a hassle-free way. This framework is equipped with two modes of search input viz: a search dialog placed towards the top of the screen and a search widget named as SearchView that is embedded in the search activity configuration. No matter which mode you choose, Android system will guide you through the search implementation process and deliver your search queries to a specific activity that is involved in performing the searches. If you’re inclined on viewing the search results as per user types, then enabling the search dialog or widget will do the job. After setting up the search dialog or search widget, you’ll be able to enjoy the following add-on features:

  • Voice search
  • Search suggestions based on the recent user queries
  • Flexibility to receive search suggestions in your device’s Quick Search Box
  • Custom search suggestions matching the actual results available in the application data


Finding information across apps is possible with Android Search


If you’re an Android user, you’ll be excited to know that the mobile operating system now makes it feasible to find information available on a variety of third-party apps. Google Search feature is now integrated by every proficient Android App Developers with the feature that fetches search results from apps belonging to distinguished app development companies. With Google still holding its reputation as the king of search, this add-on feature comes as a surprise package for Android lovers residing in different parts of the world. It is also interesting to know that the feature of finding apps in search results is currently only available to Android users.

Wrapping Up

With new search functionalities rolling out on Android, it won’t be wrong to say that owning an Android enabled device will enable you to find information in a faster and convenient fashion. Google has always been working towards boosting the user experience and with an overhauled Android search feature, the company doesn’t want to leave any chance of surprising its users pleasantly.

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