4 Sports Games Every Android Fan Should Try

When it comes to gaming on a mobile phone, there are plenty of options out there, ranging from simple arcade games all the way up to games that can have you hooked on them for countless hours at a time. Because the hardware limitations posed by mobile phones are quickly fading, games are starting to become more complex by the day, and one of the most popular genres of mobile phone games that benefits from this constant increase in complexity are sports games.


According to www.ratedgamergear.com, game developers such as EA GAMES quickly jumped onto the wagon, developing mobile versions for their line successful sports games. Even though there are several game developers that created sports games for your Android device, most of them can’t even get close to what EA GAMES has to offer. Here are some games in their portfolio that are worth your attention.

FIFA 14 by EA SPORTSâ„¢ for Android


When it comes to football video games, FIFA is the first name that will come into your mind. EA GAMES released one big success after another through their sports division, EA SPORTS, gaining the status of industry standard in football games. Now, it also hit the mobile segment. The Android version of FIFA 14 by EA SPORTS is the best football game for an Android platform available to date thanks to its realistic graphics and its incomparable gameplay. What makes the game truly unique is its vast collection of real-life players and teams something that you don’t usually find in other games. EA GAMES’ existing contracts with these teams made it possible for these teams and players to find their way into the mobile version as well, making FIFA 14 the most realistic football game out there. Best of all, the game is free to download from the Play Store.


Madden NFL 25

If European football is not your thing, and you prefer the American version instead, EA SPORTS saves the day again with Madden NFL 25. Unlike the other American football games out there, Madden NFL 25 also comes with the major advantage of being indorsed by EA GAMES, meaning that it will most likely be the only game that features real-life players. The graphics are of top-quality, and gameplay is smooth and fun thanks to the possibility of controlling the players either by tapping onto the screen or by using a virtual joystick. Whichever method you prefer, the experience will definitely be a positive one. Are you ready for a touchdown?


While the previously presented games were all about making it look as real as possible, the Android version of NBA Jam breaks the pattern, making the game feel a bit goofy by making the players’ heads bigger. The game is still packs a serious dose of realism thanks to the real-life players and incredibly complex basketball tricks present, but the oversized heads of the players will make you feel a bit more relax, and maybe take a defeat less serious after all, you can’t be serious when a guy with a big head scores the winning shot; the most you can do is make fun of him.

Real Racing 3 for Android

Jump behind the steering wheel of one of the 50 cars coming from prestigious brands such as Porsche, Lamborghini or Audi, and prove you are the best driver. You can either opt to race against the AI, or challenge your friends to a race via the multiplayer system. If the default in-game options don’t quite meet your needs, you can enhance the game by buying new parts, cars and tracksthanks to the in-app purchase system.

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