Is Micromax canvas doodle 3 a better device than doodle 2?

Isn’t it weird that the latest device in a series has got less power than the previous device in the series? Well not only the previous device but the first device in the series. This is exactly what has happened with the latest Micromax device, Canvas Doodle 3. When we first read the spec sheet, we thought there is some terrible mistake here and they will probably make amendments to it later. Turned out they didn’t. The device has actually got the hardware that even some of the basic smartphones would mock. We take a closer look at this device and see how it stacks up against the Canvas Doodle 2.



It retains some features of the family design that we saw on the last two devices. And by family design we mean the plastic body and slim profile. The rectangular design is a bit sharper as compared to the Doodle 2. The doodle 2 had a rectangular design as well but it was rounded around the edges. The device is slightly bigger than the previous device due to the increase in display size. The built quality is what you would expect on a budget device. It was slightly better on the previous device but it is acceptable here as well considering the price of the device.



This is where the new device tries to hide in a corner to save the humiliation. The first canvas doodle came with a 480 x 800 display resolution on a display that measured over 5 inches and we were disappointed with it. The display size grew to 5.7 inches on the doodle 2 but thankfully they took up the resolution of a decent 720p. The pixel density grew to a very decent 258 pixels per inch. Then came in the doodle 3 with a 6 inch display.Expecting a full HD display here? Okay semi HD at least? Well this one has got a display resolution of 480 x 854 giving it a pixel density of 163 pixels per inch.


What were they thinking of really? A smaller display is okay but such a pathetic resolution is just unacceptable. This is similar to the display that would find on low end Samsung devices a year or two earlier. With little effort, you can actually count the number of pixels an icon or object on the screen is made of. So again, they have ruined the new device by putting such a display.


The canvas doodle came out with a quad core processor and 512 MB of RAM. That is not an impressive piece of hardware due to the small amount of RAM. They improved the things with the canvas doodle 2. It came with 1 GB of RAM which was decent to accompany the quad core processor on the device. It was an average performer and could handle most of the apps and games with ease. This new doodle has got just a dual core processor. The maximum clock speed is just 1.3 GHz and to make matters worse, it has got just 512 MB of RAM. The internal storage sits at just 4 GB against the 16 GB on doodle 2 but you get a card slot that can house memory cards up to 32 GB.


This hardware would give you a laggy experience and would just be able to handle your basic smartphone jobs. Anything above your everyday social networking apps would take its toll on performance. Also the small amount of RAM would show after a while if you keep installing apps on your device.

On connectivity front, this device supports all the options that you find on doodle 2 but there are some changes. The maximum download speed on HSDPA is down from 42 Mbps to 21 Mbps. It has got Bluetooth 3.0 while the doodle 2 used to have Bluetooth 4.0. The hardware is powered by a 2500 mAh battery which is slightly down from the 2600 mAh on doodle 2. This should make a difference as the hardware is less powerful. In fact the standby time claim is up by a few hours on this device as compared to the previous one due to less screen resolution and relatively weak hardware.


The canvas doodle 2 used to have a 12 megapixel camera with autofocus and dual LED flash. On this device however, you get a pretty normal 5 megapixel camera. The flash stays but it loses an LED over the doodle 2. You don’t get features like HDR or image stabilisation on the doodle 3. The camera on doodle 2 wasn’t very impressive but it was still pretty good. It captured a lot of details due to the high resolution and was a good performer if the lighting conditions are good. The doodle 3 however disappoints and the camera on it is just a typical mobile phone camera.


You can record videos but the resolution is down from full HD to semi HD. The canvas doodle 2 has got a 5 megapixel front camera which goes down to VGA on the doodle 3. The front camera is just a normal snapper for your Skype calls so don’t expect it to shoot impressive selfies for you.


Both these device run almost the same version of software. The canvas doodle 2 came with android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean and the doodle 3 comes with 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. There are hardly any differences to spot here and the interface is mostly similar. They have kept the operating system mostly stock and there are just minor changes here and there. Both the devices come with some preinstalled apps that you can disable if you don’t like them.


Well we are sure you know the answer by now. The Canvas Doodle 3 is not even remotely better than the doodle 2. They have just ruined the device in an attempt to make a low cost large screen device and is not worth consideration at all. Even if you are looking for a large screen device, look elsewhere for a device with better display.

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