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A role-playing-game, RPG for short, is a game designed to submerse the player in a fantasy setting, having the gamer play the role of a character in the middle of an involving adventure as their tale unfolds. The Android has had many good RPGs, and they’ve released hundreds of such games over the years. Let’s look at a few really good ones to convince you that such games are worth your absolute attention.

Chaos Rings I

The original Chaos Rings was a wonderful mix of completely impractical clothing, improbable situations and awesome visuals. Square Enix brings it back with the sequel; offering a classic J-RPG styling with turn based battle sequences; think Final Fantasy philosophy with a slightly more fun-loving skin. This game has plenty of customizations and good stat balancing for the hardcore RPG pro but doesn’t over complicate things for the newcomer either. Chaos Rings II is a homerun from the people who brought us Final Fantasy and definitely worth checking if you’re a fan of Square Enix’s other RPG titles.

Knights of Pen and Paper

A wonderfully funny homage to role playing games, Knights of Pen and Paper is a retro-style pixel-art game for your Android device that will knock your socks off with its killer action and funny character palette. Charming, clever and customizable, Knights of Pen and Paper allows you to choose your team and pick a battle to fight to death; deliciously funny and interesting with an intelligent design, this Android old-school beauty will keep you staring at the screen for hours.

Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker is a fun hack & slash RPG game that fans of Diablo and Neverwinter Nights will definitely enjoy; it features two and a half dimension gameplay with good looking visuals and a really nice combat with a sophisticated flavor and plenty of things to keep track of. Character customization is fair but the real joy comes from the psychotic levels of action packed gameplay. Venture into vast dungeons and grab your best weapon to protect yourself from the enemies. Fight, put your skills to the test using killer weapons, and eat all the HEARTS that you can to gain more strength.

Ravesword: Shadowlands

Ravesword: Shadowlands will get you as close as possible to the Skyrim experience without actually forcing you to have Skyrim on Android. Quests, diversions and stories are plentiful and the combat is definitely fun, with the same mid-range elements as most high-profile console games out there. A three dimensional open world Android RPG worth playing if you’re craving that sword and sorcery fix. Created by Crescent Moon Games, Shadowlands is the successor of The Fallen King and in spite of being compared to the Elder Scrolls series, Ravesword has proven to be worth downloading. Featuring a killer plot, beautiful graphics, and thrilling gameplay, it’s definitely an RPG you’ll have to have on your Android.

Final Fantasy IV


Final Fantasy IV is more like a port of the three dimensional DS version of Square Enix’s classic. This 4th sequel was not the best entry in the series but it’s certainly worth a try it might even surprise you at times. The game not only marked the first use of the Active time Battle system but was also among the first Final Fantasy titles to include more adult themes in the storytelling.

Are you looking for superb action on your Android mobile device to keep you engaged for hours, days, maybe weeks? Then you must download the above mentioned RPGs for your Samsung Galaxy S4. They’re not just fun to mess around with, but also insanely addictive.

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