Lumia’s Functionality and Popularity

With the dawn of the smartphone era every manufacturer has come out with its own flagship series and devices. These companies create devices that are the finest in their production line and incorporate the best of their technological and engineering expertise. Every major company tries producing one or two of them every year which will highlight their own skills and innovation. These devices not only bring better technology and bigger amount of functionality in our lives but also set trends for other companies and the smartphone industry.


Lumia is the series under which the Finnish telecommunication giant, Nokia has been producing its smartphones. The devices in the series range from really affordable models to high end ones that compete with other devices from major brands. Nokia introduced this series of smart devices in November, 2011 in partnership with Microsoft that provided the OS platform for the devices. Now that Microsoft is acquiring the devices and services division of Nokia, we will get to see more innovations and restructuring from the partnership.

Every series of smartphones has its own unique features with which it is identified and its devices are marketed. While a company goes for better quality display and size, another one might go for more interactive and fluid UI. Whatever they do, they will try to appeal to consumers and garner their own following. So, what are the unique features on which Nokia is selling its Lumia devices? What are the actual reasons for people buying the Lumia smartphones?

Design – The Lumia designs come in bright and sleek bodies that make them really attractive. Most of them are available in bar form with slightly rounded curves, maintaining a little bit of sharpness around the device. The Lumia models are available with IPS LCD screens, ClearBlack or ClearBlack Amoled PureMotion HD. The display sizes range from just less than 4 inches as in the Lumia 620 to 6 inches in the Lumia 1520. Overall, the Lumia series devices are artistically crafted and the beautiful tiles add to the charm.

Camera – A camera is one of the first things that a customer looks for while buying a new smartphone. Nokia has always brought the best imaging technology in its devices. In the Lumia series, its smartphones possess cameras that are capable of capturing images with as much ease and clarity as a point and shoot camera. You can find phones with megapixels starting from 5 MP and reaching up to 20 MP and 41 MP (Lumia 1020). The PureView technology allows the camera to refine the images better. There are also great sensors, amazing functions and much more, not to forget the Zeiss lenses that make images look crystal clear. The technology and effort that goes into the creation of these devices is mind blowing. There are dual LED and Xenon flashes that help make your pictures brighter than ever, even on gloomy days.

Utilities – You get a number of extra features and functions with the Windows Phone that will leave you in awe. Utility features like the glance utility, HERE Maps suite, camera utilities and advanced touch display are just the tip of the iceberg. Discover a better personal and social life with the Lumia phones because you can plan and arrange your activities in a more convenient and interesting fashion. Most Lumia devices come with wireless and micro USB charging which are very beneficial.

OS and UI – Microsoft powered Windows Phone 8 helps the Lumia devices provide a more user friendly experience. Apart from being bright and beautiful, the live tiles keep you updated about what is happening at the moment and never let you miss out on the most happening moments. Do not go after the news but be followed by them, wherever and whenever. Better social networking, news updates and browsing are some of the few advantages of owning a Lumia. Though the Windows Phone OS has not changed drastically but got only subtle changes, every new version seems much fresher than the earlier one.

Music – The Lumia also boasts of being one of the best in the music and audio features. Zune HD brings one of the best music experiences that you can get on any smartphone. Lumia devices being Windows Phone powered allow users to download and stream music with the Xbox Music service at very nominal rates.

The Lumia smartphones possess some of the best hardware pieces that you can get your hands on, in the market. Built around powerful cores, elevated by smooth interfaces and decorated with intriguing features, Lumia series is set to grow even bigger.


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