Reasons why Nintendo denies making games for iPhone and Android phones

The news about Nintendo releasing mini games for the iPhone got everyone really excited and most people didn’t even think for a second that the rumors would be falsified. Everything made perfect sense at first, and we actually believed for a second that Nintendo will develop mini games for Android and iPhone. But guess what? It’s not.


Nintendo is not making mini games for Android and iOS but it should

Although Nintendo denied the allegations, the media thinks it should have given the two operating systems a chance since the creating of such mini games would help increase sales of their product and those mini games don’t even have to be free. It didn’t take long for Nintendo to deny any of these plans before ever being true. They claimed that they had no plans of releasing their games (even if they were mini games) for a rival hardware. They also stated that Nikkei, the reporter who claimed that Nintendo will release the mini games, only referred to half of what was said in the past press conferences.

During the press conference Mr. Iwata, CEO of Nintendo stated that they were interested in the idea of promoting their products on smartphones, but at the same time he also stated that Nintendo had no intention of making their software available on them.

The future doesn’t look that bright for Nintendo

Nintendo is in a tight spot right now as they’ve chopped their 9 million Wii U sales figure down to 2.8 million. A lot of old fans have given up on the company. Some people even claim that they have no idea how to do business as they do not see other video game makers as competition.

In all fairness, I too think they’re being quite stubborn about the matter. If they want to make a good profit then they must start making games for smartphones. I believe Nintendo can dominate all iOS games if they just release a Mario game using freemium principles. If they were to make the full game for the iOS instead of a mini game then it would hurt their sales on 3DS so until they will have to take SEGA’s route the best option is to go for a mini game but whatever they make (if they make it), they should keep their controllers in mind.

Nintendo A software company?

The truth is people love Nintendo for their games – not their hardware. If they do what SEGA did and became a software company, they would be able to sell their games on all consoles and smartphones. I know, it’s a farfetched idea but it’s not a dumb one. Emulators are a real threat when it comes to keeping up the sales of the hardware.

It would seem that we would have to get a Nintendo device if we want to have any plans of playing Nintendo games… at least for the time being. But that might not be such a bad thing after all because playing Mario on my iPhone would probably not be as much fun as playing it on my 3DS, even though I can’t take it with me everywhere I go.

I for one, hope they come out with new games and new characters instead of using 20 year old characters on over and over again but hey, that’s just me. Nintendo is refusing to compete with other similar companies on the market, and although it has great potential to be the best, we really don’t think it has the courage to develop something groundbreaking and put in on the market; maybe they’re just scared of a complete failure.

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