Top cricket games for Android Smartphones and tablets

Whether you’re a smartphone enthusiast or you’d rather stick to a tablet PC, cricket is a fine game that works amazing on each of the two devices. If you know the ins and outs of this amazing sport, you’re aware of how addictive it can be. Winning is all about skill, and that skill can only be acquired if you dedicate yourself entirely to the game. The following 6 cricket games are a must-play on your Android phone, so make sure to check them out.

Top cricket games for Android Smartphones and tablets

1.     Beach Cricket

Beach Cricket offers players a new environment to enjoy their favorite sport under the sun, on a beautiful open beach. Construct your team of 11, select your bowlers and prepare to win. Don’t worry if you haven’t played before as you can all the time in the world to become a skilled player. All you need is a bit of determination and before you know it you’ll become the best.

2.     Stick Cricket

This is your chance to become a professional cricket player. Although the game looks easy, as soon as you start playing you’ll realize the whole experience is a lot more challenging than it looks.  Surpass more than 14 countries on Stick Cricket and be ready to dominate all games with your skills. For an even better mobile experience you can always gather your friends around, make a solid team, and play together. Do you have what it takes to become a national hero and win the World Cup?

3.     Cricket World Cup Fever

Cricket World Cup Fever is considered one of the most detailed, thorough, and challenging cricket games on Google Play. There are 4 play modes available meant to help players win powerplay, pass-n-play, world cup, and quick match. Which one’s your favorite? To make the whole game even more interesting, you can adjust game difficulty levels, venues, and match durations.

4.     Cricket T20 Fever HD

You have no idea how fun cricket can be when you play it in HD. Cricket T20 Fever HD is meant to rock your world. The graphics are just unbelievable and the plethora of mode variety will certainly keep fans entertained for hours in a row. Main features of the game include realistic ball physics, MOCAP animations, original batting models (Trophy 2009, quick match, power play, and numerous others) and more.

5.     IPL Cricket Fever

IPL Cricket is not just your average type of cricket game. It’s the ultimate experience in full HD. Apart from surreal graphics, the Android game allows you to team up with others and battle together. Together with a beautiful layout, IPL team bonuses, the multi-player feature will certainly make the whole gameplay a lot more entertaining. Some really cool in-game features include realistic ball animations, fantastic power-ups, in-game store, and more.

6.     Cricket Unlimited

If you haven’t tried Cricket Unlimited before, now it would be the best time to give it a try. Choose your team out of 8 available, and unlock as many achievements as possible. Enjoy the Unlimited exclusives and fight for the pride and glory of your country. For instantly play, you’ll get to use the custom mode menu to select the level of difficulty, team, and tournament mode. Overall, Cricket Unlimited is a pretty exciting Android game to have on your Smartphone.

Cricket games on Android phones and tablets are unbelievably challenging. We love them because they keep us entertained and it’s impossible to get bored. Even if you haven’t played cricket before, that doesn’t mean the game can’t exceed your expectations. Try out the Android games mention above and be ready to become a master player.

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