How Future Technology Will be Better for Our Health

Computer these days can do pretty much we possible want them to… and then for everything else there’s smartphones. Of course this is a pretty useful situation to be in, and thanks to these computers we’re able to work much more efficiently than ever before, to stay in touch with our loved ones, to look up any information we might need etc. The problem though, is that using computers and smartphones isn’t particularly healthy and that it can create a number of problems. Looking at screens isn’t good for your eyes for instance, and after a period of time it can cause your vision to deteriorate or give headaches.


Likewise, using computers tends to mean sitting down at a desk where you can cause yourself backache and circulation problems and where you’ll be burning approximately no energy

This is something then that manufacturers and developers should be focussing on. If we’re going to be using technology more and more frequently, then it needs to become healthier, more intuitive and more natural to use. Here we will look at how this might be accomplished in the future



Eye problems are caused when we try to strain to look at small text or moving images on a screen that is constantly changing brightness and probably creating glare in the light. Computers and smartphones will help us with Community Health Center Clinics to get appointments to check your health.

Already there are some technologies that exist to try and reduce this issue. E-Ink screens for instance such as those used on the Kindle and some other e-readers use droplets of ink instead of pinpricks of light which provides a much more natural reading experience even in direct sunlight. Currently these screens are very slow to refresh and are only available in black and white, but in the future they may well replace regular screens or we might see a similar technology take their place.

There are other promising developments too. Some TVs for instance are now using luminescent bacteria in the place of regular pixels to create far more natural colours that are considerably easier on the eye. Meanwhile certain headsets currently in development will actually project light directly onto your retina in order to create an immersive experience that’s almost indistinguishable from your regular vision.



With these technologies we will soon be able to work, browse the web and communicate as comfortably as we read a book or magazine. As long as we’re hunched over at a desk though this is still going to cause some health issues, which is why future technology will also have to use more intuitive and active controls.

One vision of how this could be done is the one we’re all familiar with from Minority Report and devices like the Xbox One’s Kinect make this reality a distinct possibility. Imagine being able to bring up the news by swiping upwards and to discard elements by simply using a scrunching gesture, and being able to dictate articles by talking. No more being rigidly stuck at a desk…

Already tablets have changed the way we browse the web and made the experience much more similar to reading the web. Watch this space to see what comes next…

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