Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner (XR Advanced) from Paramount Zone

If you think about the future having robots all around you for all the chores you are on the right thought, only that the future is here, Robots have actually invaded our life to make it easier right from an automatic flushing system to a alarm everything has got artificial intelligence, not to far away you can have robots deliver your packages, Amazon is testing its unmanned drones for quick delivery.  There are also silent drones which can come handy in a number of situations, be it for your personal use or for a more confedential office job.

One of the wonderful products that we are reviewing today is also a Next Generation Robotic Robot Vacuum Cleaner (XR Advanced) from Paramount Zone were kind enough accepted us in their Vacuum cleaner reviews campaign, they sent the Robot Vacuum Cleaner across for a Gadget review at The DNetWorks. After a detailed testing and reviewing, here is our expert opinion about the product.

What’s in the Box: Robot Vacuum Cleaner (XR Advanced) from Paramount Zone


Although the box is not that big in size it has a lot of equipment inside it along with the actual Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Once you open the box you see a lot of things that don’t make sense to you unless you read the multifunctional robotic auto vacuum cleaner manual.


Here is what the box includes:

  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Spare Dust Blocker x 1

  • Spare Brush x 1

  • Cleaning Tools

  • Power Charger (100-240V)

  • Remote Control

  • Rotating Cleaning brush x 2

  • Virtual Wall

  • Quick Start Guide – English

As noted in a review on, all of them don’t make sense until you read along the instruction manual and realise how much of an important role they play in cleaning your house once you start using the Vacuum Cleaner.




Charging Adaptorrobot-vacuum-cleaner-xr-advanced-paramountzone-review-4

Virtual Wallrobot-vacuum-cleaner-xr-advanced-paramountzone-review-5

Charging Pod and IR trans-receiver


Usage: Robot Vacuum Cleaner (XR Advanced) from Paramount Zone

Initial setup looks like a tedious job, but its pretty simple, once you find the On/Off button situated on the side of the Cleaner, all you do is just switch the Vacuum Cleaner on and one of the buttons on the top of the cleaner near the display unit, either the Spiral button or the one which has the circular arrow, the meanings and functions of each buttons are explained well in the instruction Manual.


The Vacuum Cleaner sweeps your floor with it’s integrated counter rotating bristle brushes and beater brush that work together to release all of the dust and grime which has gathered inside your flooring. Then the robot vacuum sucks all of the loosened grime into it’s storage compartment leaving your flooring and carpets super clean. 


The Robot Vacuum Cleaner redirects itself automatically after hitting a wall or an obstacles with its sensors, there also includes a virtual wall in the package which can be positioned wherever you like to stop the cleaner from going to those certain areas of the house. It even has a mop feature on its bottom so that it can mop kitchen floors to leave them looking like new.

This innovative robot vacuum cleaner knows the difference between different floor types (carpet, hardwood, tile, and linoleum) and it can detect dirtier areas and give them the extra cleaning they require. It does this buy going into spot cleaning mode. The low-profile design also means that it can easily fit under beds, couches, side tables, and other restricted areas that conventional vacuums can’t easily get to without you having to move furniture.


This model has a built-in UV Light which kills bacteria and helps you breathe easy. Traditional vacuums aren’t designed to access awkward places where dust, pet hair and dead skin (yuck!) are guaranteed to be hiding. This robots size and versatility guarantees that no such area will be left unclean.

You can set the Robot Vacuum Cleaner to clean at a particular time, eg, while you asleep or while you’re out of the house, imagine an extremely clean home when you reach there or as you get up.

The Robot Vacuum cleaner intelligently learns about your house layout with time and cleaning becomes much faster after usage for more times.

The Robot Vacuum cleaner has a dust storage capacity of .35L, moves 360 degrees and has ABS and POM as its cleaning material, it has a built-in 2500 mAh Rechargeable battery which can work for 70 minutes on a single charge

The robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for the ideal home but not for office spaces. As offices spaces have a significant amount of obstructions in them such as cabins, water coolers, office chairs thus keeping the office clean using this robot is not advisable. In cases like these, you could avail services from Perth’s favorite office cleaners HCS Clean which can ensure that their services make your office spotless. Using these types of services will not only save you time but also ensure that your office employees are safe from any mishaps.

Technical Features: Robot Vacuum Cleaner (XR Advanced) from Paramount Zone

  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner Size: Diameter: 320 x H: 87 (mm)
  • IR Virtual Wall Unit Size: L:130 x W:110 x H:95 (mm)
  • UV lamp (underside of Robot Vacuum Cleaner) kills bacteria when cleaning
  • Auto Recharges when tired or after cleaning cycle
  • Wall Auto Charging Unit Size: L:305 x W:85 x H: 110 (mm)
  • Auto Charging station, meaning it will recharge when it is low on power automatically
  • Suction power: 10-15W
  • Airflow: 100 dm3/m
  • Power: 25W
  • For each 70mins vacuuming, requires 3 hours charge time
  • Battery capacity: 2500 mA

We were a bit skeptical about its cleaning abilities but once we started to use it, it exceeded our expectation, our office is extremely clean, all thanks to this Robot. At present we tend to entrust the cleaning to real professionals, like the ones from Zerorez Thousand Oaks carpet cleaning.

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a next-gen home technology which saves times, money and effort and is an ideal home cleaning equipment for every household, a great one time investment. These robots are perfect for home, but it’ll have a hard time for office cleaning as they require a keen eye and as office spaces have a lot of obstacles in between such as cubicles that’ll confuse the robot.

The DNetWorks Team