Upgrade Your Smartphone Music Options With These 2 Fantastic Free Apps

If you can remember the days when we rocked out to those huge ghetto blasters and needed muscles as big as Rambo or Arnie just to carry them around, you’ll probably enjoy this article. And if you can’t remember those iconic music devices, how about the Sony Walkman that got so many of us through heartache and long summer romances? Well, those days are well and truly gone, but we do have another pretty cool device that is just as important to us


The Smartphone! Whether you love Android or iPhone technology, you’ll probably have a bunch of musical playlists set up for those same old scenarios we just talked about. But if you are growing a little weary of the standard music App on your handheld device, why not take a walk on the wild side and check out some new options? We’ve grabbed a couple of free multiplatform options that can do a little bit extra for music lovers everywhere. So take the weight of your feet and please spend a few minutes on this article where we’ve reviewed both of these beauties just for you!

Slacker Radio By Slacker Inc Free Multiple Platform



Slacker Radio is already big news with thousands of music lovers across the world, and it is easy to see why that is the case. When you download this gem of a free App you will be entering a world of chilled out tunes and so much more. You can relax to the pre-programmed stations that are crammed full of choice tunes as you kick back and think about that girl or boy who just won’t say yes. Or perhaps you are more proactive and prefer to make your own playlists to maybe win back that heartbreaker who you never quite got over? Okay, please forgive the cheese here, but we really like Slacker Radio and you will probably feel the same way once you’ve sampled the wares for yourself. As well as working well on iOS and Android platforms, you can download this baby onto your BlackBerry, Nokia or Windows phone with absolutely no hassle and no charge to worry about!

TuneIn Radio by TuneIn Free Multi-Platform 



We’ve lined up another free multiple platform beauty here for you Smartphone music lovers everywhere! TuneIn Radio happens to be one of our favourite free radio stations and many thousands of individuals happen to share our opinion on this rather fine offering. You get to select from a myriad of local radio stations and save the ones you love just as easily as discarding the rubbish out there. This is a great option for those who like a long drive and the digital features never let you down. You can also pull up any artist that you like and you will be presented with a nationwide list of stations that play his/her/their hits on a regular basis

2 Ways To Get Down! 

Either of these choices will tick a whole bunch of musical boxes, so why not take both for a ride and see which one floats your boat?

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