Review: Camouflage iPhone 5 / 5S case from Casemate

Casemate known for its out of the box cases have come up with a wonderful looking sturdy yet slim case for your beloved iPhone 5 / 5S, its called the Case-Mate Urban Camo for iPhone 5S/5 – Camo, these is for people who are actively moving around and don’t want their iPhones to be dented or broken, yet look wonderful.

Case-Mate Urban Camo for iPhone 5S/5 – Camo is a slim case over a shock resistant bumper with metallic buttons adds enhanced protection and a look of finished refinement.

What’s in the box: Case-Mate Urban Camo for iPhone 5S/5 – Camo

The package is pretty premium if you ask us, MobileFun sent us their usual package in which the case arrived and it really looked great. It has a very military-ish feel right from when you see the package for the first time.

The case is in 2 parts, the Usual slide-in Barely there case and a bumper. The actually adds more protection to the overall case.


Usage: Case-Mate Urban Camo for iPhone 5S/5 – Camo


Let us be honest, the Case-Mate Urban Camo for iPhone 5S/5 – Camo case is not the easiest of the the ones to slide it, it require a bit of an effort and strength to actually go ahead and deck up your iPhone with the case.


First you place the bumper over the case and slide it over the phone, piece of cake, then comes the tough part, where you have to install the top Barely there case over the bumper on your iPhone, it require a bit of a workaround to place it perfectly, along with the fear that you might actually break the case, but once installed it fits perfectly and work without hassle.


The Cutouts are perfectly placed on the bumpers, however, we personally found it difficult to access the button, we had to actually dig inside the case to reach the button, people with longer nails will find it easier to do so.

The On/Off/Stand-by button was the toughest to use too and that is the biggest concern for us with this case. During the review period we had to press the home button to get the phone ON and getting it off to Stand-by also was a bit tedious, nevertheless, the protection and slimness are the great PLUS to cover a bit of a usage issue we faced and reported.

The Charging pin and the headphones can easily be accessed without any problem. You can keep your iPhone facing down without any problem, the bumper protects the screen too.


This case gets a higher score because of one more reason, The dreaded Camera Flash Issue which we see on a lot of case is not present with this one, We personally think, CaseMate ensure that none of their cases have the problem.

The Case-Mate Urban Camo for iPhone 5S/5 – Camo makes your iPhone a little, just a little bulky, but the amount of protectiveness it adds to the iPhone simply amusing.

Final words: Case-Mate Urban Camo for iPhone 5S/5 – Camo

Thought the iPhone 5 / 5S are fabulous piece of Technology they’re too risky to be used without cases, Case-Mate Urban Camo for iPhone 5S/5 – Camo not only protects the iPhone but makes it still looks trendy

The DNetWorks Team