Galaxy S4 catches fire, burns the entire house down

This time the scary news comes in from Hong Kong where a Galaxy S4 has burnt the entire apartment down. Previously, we had seen news about phones exploding or or burning down, but this is something you’ve never heard of.

The resultant looks like there has been a huge Tornado or a gas cylinder blast, but it is an alleged S4 gone wild.


According to Du, the device was an official Samsung product nor was the device even charging, Du said, meaning it just exploded without provocation. This has the potential to be some weird cover-up by Du, who could very well be making up a story and blaming it on Samsung.


But you never know, Samsung said it’s looking into the matter, and will perform a chemical analysis of the charred device. According to the man his Galaxy S4’s battery suddenly burst into flames first, Du however reacted by pushing the blazing handset under a couch, making the whole situation worse. In a matter of seconds, the fire spread from Du’s S4 to his entire apartment; fortunately, Du and his wife managed to escape the apartment unharmed.

The news follows a story of a woman who was allegedly electrocuted by her iPhone.

via: TechnoBuffalo

The DNetWorks Team