Does Your Smartphone’s Speed Reign Supreme? has come up with a free Mobile Speed Test that challenges your Smartphone Supremacy by putting your phone and carrier to the test.


The Mobile Speed Test is quick and easy to use. Simply access Geekaphone on your mobile device and click the link in the top left that says “Speed Test”. The test measures your bandwidth, latency and browser performance then ranks your phone and carrier compared to others who have used the app. It gives you the option to challenge your friends and family by sharing via Twitter or Facebook. acts like a personalized “decision maker” by giving you easy-to-read summaries of phone performance and spec data, along with advantages and drawbacks for every model. It also lets you set budgets and compare phones. You can also click on different features like “4G” or “front camera” to narrow down lists, putting your best options at the top.

Mobile Speed Test

Before you brag about how awesome your phone is, back up your bragging rights and challenge your friends to the Mobile Speed Test. Do it, we dare you.

The DNetWorks Team