Samsung Galaxy S3 explodes in a girl’s pocket, burns her leg

Phone exploding isn’t uncommon we have seen several news of it across the internet too, but this hasn’t happened earlier where some is injured.

The lastest news is that a Samsung Galaxy S3 has exploded in Switzerland and the girl owning it has suffered 3rd degree burns.

An 18 year old girl was at work when her Samsung Galaxy S III exploded in her pocket. Her boss had to tear her trousers down in order to save her.

Samsung Switzerland says they’re investigating the incident and will likely send the phone back to Korea for closer examination.

With the latest technology in place to save your phone, cases, scratch-guards, what can be done if the phone turns against you? Nothing, apparently.

The company might come up with a Statement saying, “this is a one in a 20 million occurrence”, but doesn’t it affect us, you could be next.

Like most of the people I keep the phone near me while I sleep, preciously near my pillow, what happens if it explodes, probably worse.

P.S.: If you’re brave enough, have a look at the burns: NSFW

The DNetWorks Team