Review: iPad 2 / 3 / 4 Aluminium Bluetooth Keyboard + Stand + Carrying Case

If you ever wanted a physical keyboard for your iPad which changes to a carrying case and docks your iPad when you’re using it, this Aluminium Bluetooth Keyboard + Stand + Carrying Case is the perfect fit for you.

This case is made from aluminium with hard cover protector for the front of the iPad 2. Its simple yet innovative hinge provides viewing and typing angles in both portrait and landscape mode. Its exclusive features and sleek design give your iPad 2 durable protection, added functionality and style. The option of a built-in physical Bluetooth keyboard allows for fast, responsive typing.

What’s in the box and First looks: iPad 2 / 3 / 4 Aluminium Bluetooth Keyboard + Stand + Carrying Case

The box that it comes in is a thin packaging with a see through plastic covering.


The back of the packaging has the product features, which will be discussed further in the review


The box contains the iPad 2 / 3 / 4 Aluminium Bluetooth Keyboard + Stand + Carrying Case, Charging cable and the instruction manual

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Setup and Usage:

iPad 2 / 3 / 4 Aluminium Bluetooth Keyboard + Stand + Carrying Case

Setting up the Bluetooth Keyboard is pretty simple.

1. Enable bluetooth on your iPad

2. Switch on the power switch on the bluetooth keyboard


3. Press and hold the 2nd button to make the keyboard discoverable

4. Find it on your iPad, and pair it

5. Voila! Mount it and start using it

Here is a Vine video we create to represent it


Once paired the keyboard works as a breeze, you quickly start using it, but it takes times to get accustomed to the typing and touching, instead typing and mouse/trackpad on the Computer/Laptop

The Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can continuously power the keyboard up to 5 hours and a stand-by charge of 60 days. Charging the device is simple, just plug in in the charging cable to the keyboard and the other end to your laptop/PC USB.

This elegant looking aluminium keyboard perfectly compliments your iPad and looks like they were meant to be ;) The keyboard also boasts special function keys for music control, volume control, home and more which are natively supported. Once paired it can be used as a dock to the iPad. You can also use the keyboard as a carrying case for your iPad.


The problem with the Keyboard is the docking angle is fixed, you can’t have it docked as per your requirements, but the 60 degree angle is fairly suitable for working a table.


You can have the keyboard connected to your iPhones and other tablets too having Bluetooth connectivity.

The iPad 2 / 3 / 4 Aluminium Bluetooth Keyboard + Stand + Carrying Case is extremely thin and does add bulk to your iPad when you use it as a carrying case.


The bottom of the case doesn’t have a rubber stopper/holder so on a smooth surface the keyboard may tend to slip a bit while exerting pressure while typing.


Fit-wise, the Case is a little bit larger than the current iPads, which actually sit inside of the plastic trim around the edge of the keyboard. This insures a securer fit, and no slippage once the iPad is seated.

The back of the iPad is exposed when you’re using it as a carrying case which may be prone to scratches.

Over all a good deal at the price point. This Keyboard is provided to us by MobileFun for review purposes check out more iPad accessories our at their site.

The DNetWorks Team