HTC Butterfly S unveiled with Ultra Pixels Camera and 5 inch Display

HTC is now one of the most competitive smart phone manufacturing companies in the market. Though it holds the fourth position in the market after Samsung, Apple and Nokia respectively this Taiwanese company has come up some of the best smart phones in the market. In fact the smart phone the company had recently launched the HTC ONE has managed to outrun the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the best smartphone as of May 2013.



The company lags behind as the HTC ONE had a fewer number of the units sold in comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The company, HTC has been in the business even though the HTC ONE has not sold much among the masses. The company has released many more models ever since like the HTC ONE Mini, the HTC ONE Google Edition. All these models have managed to put up a good show in the market.


HTC has now pulled the curtains off its new model that is to be launched by the company, The HTC Butterfly S with the Ultra Pixel camera, which earlier seen in the original HTC Butterfly model. The HTC Butterfly S is new model in the block and does inherit any of its qualities from its predecessor. It is power packed with new hardware, better software and specifications are really amazing to experience and understand.

This model seems to be a new venture by the company the ultra-pixel camera that the company has introduced with the smart phone has made a huge difference to the other models in the industry and besides, this feature that is imbibed in the HTC models may take the company’s shares to a higher peak than the one ever imagined. Some of the features of the HTC Butterfly S are way too striking and great to handle.


The company has made the best attempts possible to make this smart phone the HTC Butterfly S the best of the models in the market. Interestingly the smart phone is mounted on a massive 1.9 GHz quad core processor-the Snap Dragon 600. That’s indeed massive processor under the hood for the HTC Butterfly S. you can imagine the power that the smart phone projects and besides the HTC Butterfly S is backed by a 2GB RAM.

To top all the internal features the HTC Butterfly S is powered by Google operating system for smart phones, Android 4.2 Jellybean with the Sense UI. Android’s best until now.

Therefore to put to together the HTC Butterfly S just has everything that is necessary to make a smart phone powerful and packed with performance and that is smooth and easy to handle. The internal power specifications of smart phone are just making the smart phone the best among the rest. There would not be another smart phone in the market with internal features as powerful as that of HTC Butterfly S.

Stereo Speakers:


The HTC Butterfly S comes equipped with the twin stereo speakers, the company calls it Boom Speakers, and the really offer the ‘booming’ effect to its customers. The speakers are just too good and they cater to your needs of listening to music with all the effects and the extra sounds.

The Ultra Pixel strikes:


Ultra pixel seems to be the most happening thing in the industry today. The HTC Butterfly S is equipped with a 4 Mega Pixel, Ultra-Pixel camera, making the smart phone just amazing to handle. So what is with the hype about the ultra-pixel going on in the market that people are going on talking about it, the word ‘ultra’ seems to be making a difference.

Fewer pixels on an identical surface area mean that the pixels are quite bigger than the rest. The Ultra pixel is showing up higher forms of intensity and thus the images reproduce come out with unbelievable quality. The Ultra-Pixel projects advanced imaging technology that projects a really great leap in the quality of images captured through ultra-pixel cameras. These cameras will let you snap pictures that are true to life with a range of colors that make a huge difference to the pictures. The technology that the Ultra-Pixel applies is not increasing the number of pixels of the camera but by designing an advanced and a better CMOS sensor, Image stabilization and an optical lens system that relatively captures more light when compared to the normal mega pixel camera.

The HTC Butterfly S is better than the best as you explore every feature it carries and the smart phone has more to offer as you go ahead exploring the specifications and the features.

A Battery that kills:

Battery backup was one of the major problems experienced by most of the Android users. People have been rigorously complaining about this issue. Samsung has finally managed offer a better option with the models the company has recently released, which offers 24 hours of the battery backup. The HTC Butterfly S boasts of fat and well-fed 3200 mAh battery that would give a better battery life than most of the other Android smart phones.


The HTC Butterfly S comes with an internal memory of 16GB and then it also sports an expandable memory through MicroSD slot that can go up to 64GB. Therefore there is nothing that you can complain about the smart phone. The HTC Butterfly S just has everything that is necessary for a user in every way.



The HTC Butterfly S overpowers every other smart phone in the market. Each and every feature the HTC Butterfly S houses has something really better to offer. The smart phone is now the best in the market as the specifications of the smart phone from the power it is mounted on to the battery backup, there is a new thing to offer.

The HTC Butterfly S is tagged at a price of approximately 45,000/- INR (US $750), provided the power that the smart phone carries the HTC Butterfly S seems to be the company’s strongest weapon till date, with the second quarterly results that would come up soon, the company will know it’s position in the market. The way it is at the moment, the HTC Butterfly S is the best smart phone in the market.

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