What factors makes Windows Phone platform the best

Windows phone is a different kind of platform that brings together the users requirements in an easier and faster way. Business users will experience better productivity through Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office Mobile. Simple enhancements are made to make your mobile a delight to use every day. Following are the features that make Windows Phone the best platform to use by having the #1 password app for pc and phone click here to get it.



Kid’s corner

Kids go crazy with smartphones. But what if your child accidentally deletes some important contacts or emails your boss while playing? Now, you need not fear of such things. Windows phone platform offers kid’s corner on your phone where you child can enjoy games, music, apps and videos you include there, but has no access to the rest of your stuff.

Only you are supposed to add stuff to Kid’s corner, but kids can open and do lot of things like changing the display, name and background theme. Your child can also make in-app purchases once you set a Wallet Pin for your phone.


Tired of searching your wallet or purse for that credit or debit card? Windows Phone makes everything easy for you. A lot of things which you store in your pocket can now be digitally stored in a secured wallet of your phone, such as store cards, coupons, library cards, membership cards, credit and debit cards and more. You can keep track of your card account details, set up debit or credit cards for purchasing apps and games, watch out for deals using Bing, and more.

Microsoft account

Once you sign in with Microsoft account, you can access apps, games, music and videos from the store, enjoy Xbox games with friends, find, lock or delete a lost phone and more.

Back up your stuff

Automatically saves things such as your app list, phone settings, text messages, photos and videos to the cloud. So if something goes wrong with your phone, you need not bother because you always have a backup of everything.

New home screen

You can rearrange the tiles, resize them or unpin a tile. If you change your decision, you can always re-pin a tile later.


Windows phone offers great ways to organize your phone. It’s easy to watch, listen and use your phone. It allows you to use a high-contrast theme for better reading. When you get a call the Speech feature of the Phone will tell you the number or name of the caller.

Share photos, websites and more

You can share lots of things quickly from one device to another provided both the devices support NFC. So now it is easy to transfer files like songs, documents, videos etc to another device that is in close range.

People and social networking

Use rooms and groups to connect with important people- family, friends, influential members from your neighborhood and book club. You can chat and exchange things like messages, photos and videos and more with the people you invite.

Add contacts to Groups to stay informed about their social updates. Once you are in Group, you can email or text the whole group at a time. Unlike rooms, you don’t have to invite members to add to a group.

Email and messaging

In addition to photos, videos, an app you recently downloaded, now you can send a live map of your current location. You can even send pictures from your SkyDrive or Facebook account in the cloud.

Upgraded keyboard

You can have fun with the word flow keyboard. The phone gets used to your writing style and predicts the sentences even before you type.

Email by voice

The phone allows you to dictate an email message through the mic.

Skype app

The Skype app allows you to access internet calls and video chat on your phone right from your contact cards.

Maps and Browsing

When you sync your Microsoft and Facebook accounts with Bing, you get the best possible recommendations for nearby places to dine, shop, visit and have fun based on your history and what your friends like.

Use Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 10 serves as a better browser for Windows Phone 8 which allows you to surf the web on the go without any difficulty. But for this, you need to have a Wi-Fi connection. It features Smart Screen Filter that warns you about iffy websites.



Download the camera app- lenses from the Windows Phone store to add themes, effects and more right into your Phone. A lens app allows you to do lot of things like creating a 3-D effect.

Share photos and videos on social media

You can now share your awesome photos and videos with your friends. You can post them on your social media sites and save them to SkyDrive for safety.


Xbox replaces the Zune services and is a perfect place to find music and podcasts. Windows Phone offers Xbox music pass- unlimited music subscription service.

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