Success Stories behind the World Famous Apps

Great things come in the unlikeliest of packages these days, no label warnings either.

It’s good to sometimes get nostalgic, and look back to appreciate what may easily be some of the greatest work done and app development and marketing the unlikeliest of competitors. It reminds us that in the global circus, it does not matter who you are and what you’ve done before, but only what you bring to the table at the end of the day.


There was a lad named Nick, just a British teenager, he built an App called ‘Summly’, a news reading app, which he thought was worth something, and began contacting different companies to invest in his idea, at 15. At 17 he sold ‘Summly’ to Yahoo for $30 million.

Companies that he contacted then now fondly remembers him as the kid who heckled them, pushing his idea for all he was worth, Gizmodo recounts him sending them thousands of emails to various employees, asking about their interest in his work. Casey Chan from the company recalls that his heckling led to his app being pulled off the list causing him to send out even more emails, not telling the company his age.

Once the app was up, it was a matter of two years before it made him the world’s youngest self-made technology millionaires.


Angry Birds anyone? Rovio, who developed Angry Birds was no one night wonder, in fact the company was up and running for 8 years before it released the game that put it on the map. In 2009, Rovio Studios has released 51 games, of which some were mildly successful, and was close to bankruptcy, when its 52nd game changed everything.

Even when the game was released and bought by Apple, it took 3 months for it to appear on the charts. But once it did, ratings were phenomenal.

Currently, Rovio Studios holds the record for the bestselling iOS game… EVER. Wired Magazine, when discussing the success of Angry Birds in detail, rightfully mentioned:

“Every day, users spend 200 million minutes — 16 years every hour — playing the mobile game. Three trillion pigs have been popped. It has filled billions of those interstitial moments spent riding the bus, on a plane or in important work meetings, and it is or has been the number-one paid app on iTunes in 68 countries, as well as the best-selling paid app of all time.”

It took 8 years, and half a hundred attempts to get it right, but when they did, they exploded on the App market, who knew all they needed were a few rotten egg stealing pigs, and bunch of birds who can’t take a joke?

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