How to get rid of YouTube ads in 2 simple steps

Everyone know the feeling, clicking on a 2 minute YouTube clip, having to sit through a 30-second, non-skippable commercial. YouTube is a great example of how websites are implementing more and more obtrusive ways of advertising. However, this can be quickly solved, and YouTube can be easily converted into an ad-free video hosting platform as it once was.

The simplest solution for getting rid of YouTube ads is to use Adblock Plus. This is a free browser extension, which core functionality is to block annoying online ads including all YouTube ads. Adblock Plus is available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It is a community project, which means that many volunteers assist in creating filters which block the newest ads.


Installation is very simple and takes only couple of minutes. Please follow these steps to install Adblock Plus:

1.     Go to the Adblock Plus website.

2.     Click on the green “Download” button. This will download and install the extension for your browser within a few seconds. After the installation has been finished, all annoying ads across the web will be blocked no additional configuration is required.

If you wish to block ads only on YouTube, Adblock Plus can be easily configured to whitelist websites where you prefer to continue seeing ads. In addition, Adblock Plus offers additional custom filters, which can protect your privacy or block malware domains all for free.

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