Next iPhone might be called the iPhone 6

The year 2013 seems to be very much promising in terms of technology. You could see a number of high end devices being discussed and will be launched this year.

Among these include the newly hyped devices called the iPhone 6. You could see several rumors surfacing in the media, where people are seen discussing especially after the Time Cook (Apple chief) giving a couple of hints about the 7th generation smartphone called iPhone 6. Checking at the rumors surrounding this device, the smartphone users are likely to get a device with incredible features in the form of iPhone 6. As per Cook, the iPhone 6 would be expected to be seen in the fall of 2014.

So, let’s check the insight about the upcoming iPhone 6 as under:


Rumors confirm the name iPhone 6

As per one of the leaked inventory image, the upcoming iPhone would be certainly launched in the market with a name- iPhone 6. One of the employees at Vodafone has disclosed about this upcoming device.

According to him, Apple plans to bypass the iPhone 5S with some incredible upgrades and thus head out with a big leap with iPhone 6. And if you consider the perils associated with S in the Apple’s smartphone, it would be certainly worthy to embark with an iPhone 6 rather than focusing more on the S naming system.

In fact, this has been confirmed by the Ken Segall, who happens to be the key ad creator for Apple. So, the next iPhone you can expect from Apple would be certainly iPhone 6.

The key features of iPhone

As per the rumors surrounding the iPhone 6, you could certainly see some amazing features in it. So talking about the screen display of this upcoming phone you could see bigger one this time.

In fact, a number of analysts have confirmed the same despite Tim Cook denying this rumor. Another important feature, which you are going to find out in the upcoming iPhone 6 would be a better and advance level front and back cameras. As per the rumors, it would be enhanced to 2MP (front) wherein the rear one could see an upgrade reaching up to 13MP.

As per the reports coming from iOSDoc the iPhone 6 would be armed with the latest OS from Apple- the iOS 7, which will give the users to record the complete HD videos. The other features in it would come like a dual shot wherein you can use the dual camera mode.

Advance features

As per the recent reports found in the technological world, iPhone 6 would include the RAM of 4GB thus giving tough fight to its arch rival company- Samsung. Hence if things would go this way, you can expect iPhone 6 becoming the most powerful device, which could even compete with the computers that handle loads of data. Another interesting feature that is likely to be the part of iPhone 6 would be the bendable battery.

As per the rumors, Apple is all set to adopt such battery, which will make the iPhone 6 device much flexible than its predecessors.

Final word

The name debate could be called as insignificant unlike how you often hear the popular phrase from Shakespeare, ‘what’s in a name.’ So what matters at the end would be the features of iPhone 6 and not the name certainly. Yet it seems interesting for many.

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