Solved: Google+ Hangouts installation error on Jailbroken iPhone

Google launched Google+ Hangouts on iOS and Android, but some of the users who have jailbroken their iPhone have a problem installing it.

While you try to install Google+ Hangouts on your jailbroken iPhone you get the below error message.


If you a bit smarter than usual you can try intall via iTunes from your computer and you will see that the installation hangs at around 75-80% on the iPhone. This problem pervades through many of the App Store applications, be it PDF viewers or RPG games, and can irk someone who’s trying to get work done. But not all the applications are hindered by this problem. For instance, if Cutepdf is throwing a 216, which happens to be an error for a PDF viewer, then that issue can be disentangled easily.

What do you do next?

The problem is Google+ hangout cannot install on iOS versions below 6.1, so you trick the installation that you have a higher version iOS, this is how.

Step One: Download iFile from Cydia

Step Two: Open iFile and navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices

Step Three: Tap on “SystemVersion.plist”

Step Four: Open in “Property List Viewer”

Step Five: Change “ProductVersion” to a number higher than 6.1 (we used 7.0)

Step Six: Navigate to this URL on your desktop :

Step Seven: Download app inside of iTunes

Step Eight: Plug iPhone into desktop

Step Nine: Sync iPhone (ensure app syncing is on)

Step Ten: Google Hangouts is now on your device

Step Eleven (optional): We recommend to adjusting your iOS version back to whatever it was before you changed it.

The DNetWorks Team