How to remove Facebook’s ads and other annoyances

The times where Facebook did not advertise are long behind us. The current state of the social network is arguably ridiculous. The user’s timeline and newsfeed is packed with ads, game suggestions, people suggestions etc. and sponsored posts are difficult to separate from your friend’s stories. Within three easy steps, you can restore Facebook to the original, adfree environment as it once was in 2007.

There are numerous, often sketchy solutions which add their own ads, on the web for removing ads on Facebook.  However, there is one browser plugin that does exactly what it supposed to: Adblock Plus. This is world’s most popular browser extension, available for Chrome and Firefox. Basically, Adblock Plus will remove all ads online, therefore, also Facebook ads. It can also be manually configured to block other elements on websites, such as the game and friend requests elements.

How to remove Facebooks ads and other annoyances

How to remove Facebook ads

The setup process takes only a few minutes. To block all annoyances on Facebook, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to
  • You can install Adblock Plus for your browser (please note, Internet Explorer is not supported). When the installation is finished, you are not exposed to any more ads all over the web, as well as Facebook’s sponsored ads, pages you may like, search results, pages your friends like, related posts of pages your friends like and suggested posts.
  • There are a few other annoyances on Facebook, can be blocked manually.

How to remove other annoyances on Facebook

You can create a few manual filters to remove other elements like: recommended pages, people you may know, games your friends are playing, upcoming concerts and trending videos. This is easily done by copy-pasting a few lines of text into Adblock Plus:

For Firefox, click the “ABP” logo in the left bottom corner of your browser, and choose: “Filter preferences…” > “Custom filters” > “Add a filter group” > Right-click it and choose “Show/Hide Filters”, and then go to “Add filter” on the right.

For Chrome and Opera, right-click the ABP logo in the address bar, and click “Options” > “Add your own filters”.

This will open a new text area, where you can paste the following filters to block additional Facebook elements:

  • To block “People you may know”, “Games you may like”, “Games your friends are playing” and “Recommended pages”, paste the following code in the text area:
  • To remove “Trending videos”, “Most Shared”, “Upcoming Concerts” or “Games Your Friends Are Playing” from your news feed, paste this: ._4hh
  • To remove “Recently Released Albums”, use the following code: ._4hl
  • To block “Page X is posting about Page Y” use this filter: > .storyUnconnectedPost

With the instructions described above, you will be able to block all the sponsored content on Facebook, as well as some additional elements that harm your experience

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