Most Expensive Kitchen Appliances

These days there seems to be a gadget for basically everything. If you look around your house you can see technology has evolved in leaps and bounds, and nowhere is this truer than in your kitchen. Yet with modern appliances, comes a modern price tag; here are just a few of the most expensive appliances you could find in a kitchen


Dualit Combi Toaster

Toast is probably the most common breakfast food around the world, but imagine how much better it would’ve tasted with the Dualit Combi Toaster. For £350 you get a stylish stainless steel toaster, with a toasted sandwich basket and adjustable wire guards as well as the option to choose from a variety of colours. Who knew toast could be so stylish?

Swarovski Samovar Kettle Shalimar

Now your kettle can make a statement other than boiling water, and with a £3995 price tag, you better believe it’s a big statement to make. With the Swarovski Samovar Kettle Shalimar, you get a 15 litre capacity as well as quick heating and a lime filter faucet. These kettles are made to order, so yours will be entirely unique!

Luxury Edition & Gallery Gold Plated Sink

Have £60,000 to spare? Why not treat yourself to a gold plated sink? Probably the most expensive sink in the world, this 24 carat wonder is tailor made and screams opulence. If you ever feel like living the life of a royal, this is the kitchen sink for you. It acts like any other sink, except with this sink gives you the satisfaction of knowing you could afford £60,000 on a sink.

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Damascus Chef’s Knife

Now this is a knife, made with 160 layers of Damascus steel and forged in ice and lasers, the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Damascus Chef’s Knife is a fancy knife. Costing £1285, it’s applauded for its sharp blade and flexible cutting. Your fruits and veg won’t know what’s hit them!

La Cornue Oven

More like a bank vault than an oven, the La Cornue Oven has combined style and functionality to create an oven that benefits those who love to cook and whom will appreciate its design and abilities. The best models will set you back £20,000, but fortunately for those unwilling to stretch the budget that far, some models go for a few grand cheaper.

Miele LaPerla II G2872SCVI Dishwasher

Sometimes your plates just aren’t clean enough, no matter how hard you try. That’s where the Miele LaPerla II G2872SCVI Dishwasher takes centre stage, for £3000, you get 11 wash programmes and 5 specialty cycles, a digital control panel and a dishwasher door with CleanAir drying, double waterproof, auto-closing door and a cutlery tray. This dishwasher really makes use of evolving technology, not only does it wash dishes but it can connect to your PC or laptop so you can control exactly how your dishes are being washed. Stylish, functional and tech-savvy, this dishwasher performs just as well as it looks.

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The DNetWorks Team