[Review]: Pinlo Slice 3 for iPhone 5 – World’s Thinnest iPhone 5 case

We tested the Pinlo Slice 3 Glow in the dark iPhone 4/4S Case a while ago and here we are with the review of the Slice 3 case for the iPhone 5, again, courtesy MobileFun.co.uk

We love the minimalistic nature of things and are always looking for cases adding the least bulk and that’s what made use reach the Pinlo Slice 3 case for iPhone 5, at just 0.38mm thick, it is the thinnest and the lightest case available.

First Look: Pinlo Lumino Slice 3 iPhone 5 case

The box is as the one of the iPhone 4 simple and tidy not bells and whistle, uncluttered packaging, with stickers nothing the thickness and the weight of the case.    

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At the back of the box is information of the case and a bit of how the case was made, quite sweet if you ask us.

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What’s inside the box?


  • Pinlo Slice 3 case
  • Screen Protector
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Jelly Home screen, 1 black, 1 white
  • An Instruction card

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Feel and Usage

So, it basically disappears one you put it on your iPhone 5, the feel on the phone is smooth matte finish and hence no smudges at all. The finish and the quality of the case is premium and trust us when we say that, because we don’t say that more often.




The cut outs for the power and the Volume buttons are perfect and they fit extremely well around the corners too. The Camera cut out is well done too, the case is extremely light and gives a great look to the phone.



The Pinlo Slice 3 case is as thin as your business card.

review-pinlo-slice3-iphone5-6 review-pinlo-slice3-iphone5-7

It comes with a screen protector too, so while the case protects the back and the sides the screen protector takes care of the screen, so a complete package.



The Camera cutout is great too, it doesn’t affect the flash-enabled photos, most of the cases we’ve used have the flash-bounce problem.

So, if you’re looking for a minimal thin case for your iPhone this is the best one for you, if you’re on the other hand looking to go trekking and mountain biking with this take, its won’t take it, so don’t expect anything above the basic scratch protection.

Final thoughts:

We’ve used the Pinlo Glow in the dark case for the iPhone 4/4S and we still love it over this case on the iPhone 5, mainly because of the glow in the dark nature and the quality is even better than this one, but that won’t refrain you from buying it, will it? Check out more  iPhone 5 cover our at MobileFun.co.uk

The DNetWorks Team